A 60-year old Indiana Woman Welcomed Twins Yesterday


When Claudette Cook of Indiana met her husband Ross at church 10 years ago, doctors told her that they would never have children because of her advanced age, but 10 years later at age 60, she is now a mom to twins.

Claudette and Ross got the go-ahead from an in vitro fertilization specialist last fall to start a family and a year later were successful and welcomed twin sons Isaac and Isaiah on Sunday, October 2.

“Isaac came out first, and Isaiah came out second,” Cook told the local news after she beat all the odds to welcome the fraternal twins.

“I cried. I was like, you know, you look at TV and you see other people in the delivery room and you’re like, oh my goodness. And, it was me. So, joy, it was so sweet,”  ABC News reported she said while holding her husband, Ross’s, hand. “Everything changed in that moment. Once they’re born, your life changes.”

The boys weighed 5 lbs each and arrived via C-Section. The couple gave credit to their tiny miracle to prayer.

“Doors started opening up, and BAM, here they are,” Cook said. “Age is but a number with God. Plus, I was healthy and in shape. I was like, yes, I know I can do this – I know I can. No matter how hard it was, He brought me through it all, so, awesome God.”

WFIE reports that it will be a couple of weeks before they can take their newborns home. The twins are healthy and their mother is doing just fine.

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