Halloween Costume Ideas w/a Bat: ‘Hold Up’ Beyonce & Harley Quinn

halloween costume

Looking for a Halloween Costume based on some recent pop culture music and movies? What if you have two parties in one night or back to back parties? If you have a baseball bat, you can remix it and go as two different women for under $100 each!

How about going as Beyonce and her bat “Hot Sauce” from the video for her song “Hold Up” from her visual album Lemonade? Then the next day, you can keep the bat and put on a Harley Quinn costume and go as the heroine from the movie/comic strip Suicide Squad.


Add a Daddy’s Lil Monster teeshirt that you can get for $26.99 at this site here and then thrown on a pair of black booty shorts over fishnet stockings and wear a studded belt and wear hair or a wig with dyed pony tail. The total would be under $100 but if you want to go all out, you can grab the bomber jacket for $46.99 to complete the look!

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