Hurricane Matthew Could Cause You to Go Into Labor


If you are one of the many women in the eye of Hurricane Matthew and are expecting any day now, be careful because there are high probability that the natural disaster could come during a natural disaster.

A 1985 study  found that low barometric pressure common during storms causes premature membrane rupture.  Another study published in Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics back in 2007 stated that low barometric pressure (which is a hallmark of hurricanes) can lead to spontaneous delivery.

There have been plenty of women have gone into labor during blizzards, disastrous floods and yes, even hurricanes. Fit Pregnancy did a feature in the past on a nurse who delivered babies during Hurricane Sandy a few years back.

Having a baby during a black out, relying on the back up generator and in the middle of an evacuation can be scary!

The site also has a pretty interesting video of women who actually delivered in the middle of storms! Their stories are captivating and fortunately, all the ones featured had happy endings! Watch them Here!

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