James DeBarge is Once Again Claiming He & Janet Jackson Have a Secret Daughter 


Singer James DeBarge is claiming once again that he believes he has a love child with Janet Jackson.

This is not the first time the 1990s DeBarge family band member has made this allegation

In a previous interview with RadarOnline, DeBarge said a young woman contacted him and told him Janet gave up her up for adoption after giving birth. The alleged daughter said it happened following Janet’s short-lived marriage to James.

The “Rhythm Nation” singer eloped with DeBarge in 1984, but the marriage was annulled in 1985.

In a newly released clip from WE TV‘s reality tv show, Growing Up Hip Hop, 53-year-old DeBarge tells his actual daughter Kristinia that he has a secret daughter with Janet after Kristina confronted him with news accounts of a secret child. 

“I’m tired of the secrecy,” DeBarge tells his daughter when she confronts him about an article she read in which he discusses the claims. “I’m tired of the truth not coming forward, and people being a coward when it comes to it. And I thought it was wise for me to speak out now because it needs to be addressed.”

He says he thought it was s lie but us convinced it is true.

“To be honest with you, I didn’t know,” he continues. “I was under the impression that there was no baby, and I wanted to believe it’s not true. But it is.”

People have attempted to link three of Janet’s nieces to the secret child claim. They allege  each niece was given up to be raised by Janet’s siblings as their own.

The dates of each don’t add up. 

First, rumors have existed for decades suggesting that her brother Jackie Jackson’s daughter Brandi with Jackie’s now deceased wife Enid was Janet’s secret child.

Brandi was born in 1982 when Janet was 16 and hadn’t started dating James yet.

Second, there are also lots of claims that Randy Jackson‘s daughter, Stevanna, a Harvard MBA grad and actress, is Janet’s daughter. 

But, Stevanna is 26 and was born in 1990, five years after James and Janet split. There is no incubation period that long for a human child. 

Others have said the child was being raised by her older sister Rebbie (Maureen) Jackson but the daughter that resembles Janet most, Stacee, is 45-years old so….negative there too. 

Possibly, the woman who contacted James was trying to make a false claim to a fat inheritance because if she really was James’ child, a simple DNA test would prove it. 

Most likely, 50-year old Janet, is really about to give birth to her first child with husband Wissam Al Mana after years of trying to conceive with her 44-year old spouse. 

The singer’s big pregnancy news came after she announced in April that she would be postponing her tour to start a family.

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