The 5 Businesses Celeb Women Enter After Getting Pregnant


When celebrities become pregnant, many smartly marry the recent public phenomenon and obsession with celebrity pregnancies with their already large social media followings in several ways:

1) they parlay the renewed interest in their pregnancy into opps and start taking advantage of the additional “bump watch” press exposure by launching reality TV shows or participating in ensemble ones;

2) they write a book about pregnancy or motherhood (Snooki, Tia Mowry, etc )

3) start designing maternity clothing; or

4) start designing  children’s; or

5) launch a pre or post natal exercise video.

Are we wrong? Shall we start naming names and putting up examples or leave it up to your recollection? snark

It makes sense to do. They are smart, savvy and sophisticated and are aware that they are influential people and have what a lot of average people don’t have: a captive following. Booyah! Make it work, ladies. We’re not mad at ya!

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