Celebrity TV Chef is Taking the Pregnancy Eating For Two Passion to the Gram


Count your blessings not calories. That’s the mantra of New York City television host Eden Grinshpan who is using her popular Instagram account to celebrate food and her pregnancy.

So you know how they say even though you’re eating for two, you’re free to go crazy? Well Grinshpan, a chef who has a popular blog, podcast and Cooking Channel  show is the face of Eden Eats NY.  The native of the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg in New York has taken her passion for food literally in her fun photos with food. Fans enjoy her playful eating adventures.

She used to use the hashtag #EdenEats to document her traveling food adventure for various TV shows she hosts, but now that she and hubby are expecting, the hashtag #EdenEats42 is in use.

h/t Daily Mail

Working hard on that pregnancy bod ???????????? #edeneatsfor2

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Here are some of her other hilarious IG shares:

?✨Our Oscar party is LIT!!✨?#edeneatsfor2 ??

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This shave ice is a small…a SMALL! Give me dat sugar high? ?#shaveice ? #tastetherainbow #edeneatsfor2

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Count blessings not calories? Hamentaschen season is upon us?????

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