The Amazing ‘Bucket List’ Feat This Soon-To-Be Blind 6-Year Go To Do


Before 6-year Cailee Herrell goes blind from a rare genetic disease, she created a Bucket List of things she wanted to accomplish. One of them was to create her own fashion line.

With help from the folks at FabKids, Herrell, who was diagnosed with FEVR at age two,  got to experience each step in the process of designing and producing clothes from conceptualizing the designs, selecting the colors and releasing them to sale.

The result is a very adorable line of three t-shirts that shows Herrell’s optimistic and uplifting spirit. Herrell is already one step ahead of the inevitable outcome of her condition. She has already started learning braile and age 3, she started learning how to use a can with an orientation and mobility instructor. Brave and Tough Girl, she is!


And quite fitting of her personality, the empowering T-shirts have phrases like, “Girls are tough,” and “Brave” on them. Another has hand-stitched emoji patches – all of Cailee’s faves on it.


The cute shirts are just $14.95 each and net proceeds from all of Cailee’s Tees will go towards  a goFundMe account so she can accomplish the other things on her Sightseeing Bucket List. Very nice!  


Here are some of the items on her list, including those completed, and those yet to complete!

1. Sand Dunes (Completed)

2. Sea World (Completed)

3. Beach (Completed)

4. Disneyland (Completed)

5. Snow

6. Horseback riding

7. Camping

8. California Redwoods

9. New Mexico Hot Air Balloon Fesitival

10. New York Fashion Week

11. Nutcracker

12. Cooking classes

13. Crayola Factory

14. Hershey Chocolate Factory

15. Art Classes

16. Braille Camp

Very nice! Good luck, Cailee! She really is brave and inspiring!



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