Agency Creates Pregnancy LinkdIn Entry Option Women Returning to Work


A creative agency is helping moms return to the workforce after taking a child-induced hiatus (aka to do the job of caring for a human being).

Mother New York created “The Pregnancy Pause” ― a way for moms who took time off after having kids to fill the gaps in their resumes that sometimes cause them to be overlooked in the job search process.

The concept is simple: Moms can add The Pregnancy Pause to the “Experience” section of their LinkedIn profiles. Prospective employers who click the link to The Pregnancy Pause will find a page that explains how maternity leave policies in the U.S. often make mothers feel forced to leave their jobs, which causes resume gaps.

The Pregnancy Pause website also includes a toolkit with instructions and a sample resume template with a reference number.

Prospective employers who call the phone number will hear a prerecorded message that states:

Hello, you’ve reached The Pregnancy Pause. You must be calling about a candidate’s resume that has mentioned her time spent here. While here, she spent innumerable hours raising a child, which has surely offered her invaluable experience as a prospective employee. Visit our website

ThePregnancyPause.org to learn more, and remember, maternity leave is a full-time job.

The Pregnancy Pause website also instructs moms to explain their experience for their job as “mom” ― which could include “anything from ‘Designer of human life’ to ‘Hands-on experience in development.’”

“New mothers in the U.S. often feel forced to quit their jobs due to a lack of adequate maternity leave policies, which leaves them penalized for the subsequent gaps in their resumes. We wanted to give working mothers in the U.S. a simple tool, and make it easier for them to own maternity leave as the full-time job it truly is,” Mother New York chief creative officer Corinna Falusi said in a statement, according to Adweek.”

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