3 Time Single Surrogate Dad Cristiano Ronaldo Won Hearts with This Photo


Cristiano Ronaldo might have won the hot dad of the year award simply because he is among one of a tiny minority of single men who have adopted a baby or welcomed one in the world via a surrogate without a partner.

The Portuguese soccer star posted an Instagram photo of himself and his son holding the family’s newest arrival: a set of boy/girl twins that Ronaldo used an American surrogate to bring into this world.

In the pic he captioned “Blessed, he and his son Cristiano Jr (whom he also welcomed via surrogate) each cradle Ava and Mateo while swinging on the porch. Earlier, after the duo were born, he announced their entrance with a photo of himself holding them as they slept.


It is rumored that he and girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez are expecting a child together and that she is 5 months along but that has not been confirmed and photos of her in a bikini as they vacationed this week do not prove anything either.



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