Enjoy This Summer Road Trip Play List

Bellyitch rewind

Summer is for road trips to family, the beach, to see landmarks and adventure. On your travels, you’re going to need some cool sounds. When you get out of range of your favorite radio station and don’t have satellite radio or an input jack to plug in your iPod or mp3 player, connect the songs on your mobile player and listen to this playlist of top Summer 2017 hits.

I curated for you the tunes I hear playing most often on pop radio stations and MTV and put them in a handy SoundCloud playlist for you to check out!

This list is also great for spinning, running on the treadmill or outside or working out in your gym or home gym.

warning: some may have offensive lyrics so proceed with precaution or upload the radio clean version.

Also, some of these songs are just samples but you can hear the entire thing if you sign up for SoundCloud Go! which is just $5 per month. Not bad compared to other streaming services that are $10 to $30 monthly. Otherwise, purchase the songs from your fave provider and add to your fave playlist or platform like Spotify, iHeartRadio etc.



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