International Bump Watch: K-Drama CoStars Song Hye Kyo and Song Hye Kyo Put Pregnancy Rumors to Rest


As we’ve blogged about before, Hollywood isn’t the only center for celebrity “bumpwatch”.

In other entertainment capitals around the world like Bollywood India, Nollywood Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea, the Philippines, and elsewhere the public and media speculate and follow the impending arrivals of their favorite television and movie stars.

We’re all about following Interntional Bump Watch too!

In South Korea, actors Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are tying the knot in October after keeping their off-set romance a secret. The two co star in the military TV drama Descendants of the Sun where, as what happens with a lot of Western actors, they hit it off and started a romance. He plays a special forces captain and she an army surgeon.


Shortly thereafter, rumors started to circulate that they would be expecting.

But the talent agency for Kyo put that speculation to rest by issuing a statement calling the rumor “completely groundless.” Hmmmm…. We’ll see. Ha!

She’s on bump watch for sure!


photos: Courtesy KBS


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