Mom Shamers Slam P!nk For This Instagram Post


Pop singer P!nk was blasted by mom-shamers after she posted an Instagram photo of herself spending some time with her children while preparing a meal. In the photo, her almost 6-month old son Jameson is snuggled in her front-baby carrier while her daughter Willow kneels on the counter.

She captioned the photo “Dinner Time” and it has gotten close to 200,000 likes as of this posting but not without a few people leaving comments critical of the situation.

Dinner time

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Criticisms in the comments included:

“Dangerous stuff for your kids! Stop doing this! U a great singer, don’t need to expose your baby to boiling oil. Are you insane this days? This picture would give a good example of what not to do with small children. Shocking picture. Hope to see you giving better exemples to the working mothers. I am a parent to. Cheer. Just terrible.”


“1 kid on the counter on kid strapped to her chest the closest to the hot pan i mean it is pretty stupid coming from mum of 4 boys not allowed in kitchen when im cooking”

And again:

“Isnt that dangerous for the baby. What if something spits oil out in pan onto the babies head.”

Others came to her aid too.


Leave that multi-tasking mama alone, peeps!

h/t Buzzfeed and Mashable

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