Facebook Users React to Company Selling High Heels for Infants

Yes, you read that right.

We now live in a world where high heel shoes are being marketing to babies. A company called PeeWee Pumps sells soft collapsable heels just for babies ages 0 to 6 months.

If I didn’t get as much search traffic to this pregnancy and parenting blog from online users looking for inappropriate sexual images of small children, I may not be as turned off by the concept, but I do and I am.

Also, if you have to think about the origins of high heels and that their purpose is to accentuate the calf and give off more feminine and sexual allure, then it makes one wonder why would such a style choice be appropriate for a baby, no?

So no matter how adorable, innocent or cute one may think it would be to put on soft heels on a baby for style, it is still too borderline creepy.  Also, to me, it seemingly feeds into the perverted fantasies of sexual deviants whose desires are crimes punishable by hard core jail or death in some jurisdictions, not to mention the societal disgust of human adults that carry on such crimes against babies.

There have been too many incidents in the past for me to not immediately link the two. Sorry. This is a no go for me but I see some people arguing in this video Yahoo! posted on its page recently saying they are just fun and innocent and the same as wearing grandma heels as a child.

I don’t think it’s the same thing but to each its own I guess. * shrug * Watch the video below:

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