20 Sentences Supportive Parents Say to Make Their Child Feel Valued

Kids get reprimanded all the time when they do something wrong and it is very easy as parents to lash out at them and say something that may makes them feel hurt, angry, or confused. There are things that parents should try to say regularly when disciplining children, encouraging them or helping them understand the consequences of their actions.

Education.com has an evergreen post  with the 20 sentences parents should say to help their child feel valued and aid their development and I am proud to say that I do in fact say many of them often! Woot!

Here they are listed below and for more insight as to why these sentences are important, visit Education.com here!

  1. How did you do?
  2. I know you and I believe you can do it.
  3. You worked so hard.
  4. What do you think?
  5. How does that feel to do that on your own?
  6. You are beautiful, inside and out.
  7. I’m so proud of you because…
  8. How would you improve it?
  9. Are you willing to do what it takes to improve it?
  10. Your dad and I agree that…
  11. What are the consequences of that choice?
  12. I understand why you feel that way.
  13. I have your back.
  14. You make me smile.
  15. You did a great job.
  16. You can come to me for anything.
  17. You are worthy of respect, love, and success.
  18. You can come to me for anything.
  19. Would you like to talk about it?
  20. I love you.

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