Your Body Type Determines When You Start To Show

With all the recent scrutiny on the bellies of some celebs yet to confirm a rumored pregnancy, it’s a good time to discuss when women start to show.

A breakdown in Romper did an excellent job of summarizing some of the main factors:

Body type also comes in to play here as taller women show later, as do even shorter women with long torsos, and those with deeper pelvises. And of course, women carrying more than one baby will most likely develop a baby bump earlier.

To elaborate on why body type matters, Buxon explains that more vertical space allows the baby to stretch out, which means a less prominent bump. She goes on to mention, “If you are carrying weight more in your abdomen, that also contributes to a different size and shape to your bump.” So while shorter women like me will look visibly pregnant 10 sneezes after conception, my tall friends (or those with naturally heavier body structures) can keep the secret much longer.

But it’s not just your physical build that can affect when strangers will want to start rubbing your belly. Factors such as BMI, metabolism, and even gas can can make your bump look bigger for awhile, and you may notice a bit of fluctuation from day to day.

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