Be That Well Put-Together Looking Mom in These 5 Steps

As a mom, you might on occasion feel a bit less than glamorous than you might have before you had children and a household to manage.

Between the school runs, dealing with diapers and running around after your family, your appearance may be be the furthest thing from your mind!

If you’re wondering how some moms manage to look effortless while you’re lucky just to be wearing something clean, then it’s time you got let in on a few of their best-kept secrets.

Here are some top tips on how you can be a stylish mom.

1. Perfect a five-minute makeup look

A busy mom on the go will rarely have time to apply a full face of makeup, but the clever use of a few basic cosmetics will at least help you feel a bit more put together. Creating a five-minute makeup look is actually quite simple, and you’ll be surprised by the results!

A BB cream is a great product that will moisturize, illuminate and offer coverage without applying multiple products to give your skin a glowing finish. A bit of blush, mascara and your favourite lipstick will give you a simple, everyday look that only you will know took you five minutes to apply!

2. Co-ordinate your wardrobe

You might have had plenty of time to pick out an outfit pre-kids, but when the goal is to get dressed as soon as you can – the thought process can go out of the window. Organizing your closet to make it easier for you to see what’s there is a great way for busy moms to pick out stylish clothes, without worrying about whether or not things match. Having a few go-to outfits already picked out at the beginning of the week will make getting ready a breeze and will save you a lot of time in the mornings!

3. Build yourself a capsule wardrobe

It’s one thing to be ahead of the latest style trends, but you can’t beat a signature look when it comes to fashion. Building yourself a capsule wardrobe of classic items that will always be in style – think chic blouses, blazers and a selection of pants, jeans, etc. Take a look at Ruby Rd clothing for inspiration – their collections feature plenty of easy to mix and match items that make it easy for you to build a capsule wardrobe. Some stylish accessories are all you need to complete your look to make sure you look effortlessly flawless without having to buy into the latest trends each season.

4. Get a hairstyle that’s easy to maintain

Finding the time to style your hair isn’t always easy when you’re battling to feed the kids breakfast and get them off to school. One of the tricks chic moms use is to choose a low-maintenance hairstyle that still looks great. Low-maintenance hairstyles don’t have to be boring, and there are different cuts available to suit all hair types. You’ll want a style that will dry easily and maintain its shape to help make it easier to look groomed in the mornings. The good news is that messy buns are still very much in fashion, so you’ve always got that classic style to fall back on for those mornings where your hair just won’t play ball.

5. Take some time to pamper yourself

It’s difficult to juggle working and being a mom, but it’s important that you make some time for yourself. Setting aside some time once in a while to pamper yourself and take a bath, apply a face mask and give yourself a manicure will help you to de-stress and help you feel like you again. Learn to put your phone down and spend time taking care of yourself. It’s not always easy to find the time, but even an hour to yourself can make all the difference. It’s important that you pamper yourself to give you a chance to recharge as well as reward yourself for your continuous hard work. A little treat is always well-deserved for a busy mother so don’t be afraid to indulge in some ‘me-time’ when you can.

There are many adjustments that come with being a mother, and your style is certainly one of them. Rather than pining for the past, see this as an opportunity to reinvent your style to find a look that works for you and your new life. A few simple tips and some clever wardrobe planning are all you need to show off your flawless mom style that will make you feel confident and ready to face the world, whatever the day might bring!


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