Couple Conceives A Baby While Taping New BravoTV Show ‘Stripped’

This week, the first couple featured on the new BravoTV show called Stripped revealed that they conceived their first child while taping the reality TV show experiment that required them to start off the show naked and void of all of their material possessions.

Accountant Justin and his wardrobe stylist wife Ali revealed at the end of the show, which is about going 21 days with nothing, that they are expecting a baby and that Ali is 6 months pregnant.

On the show, participants are allowed to retrieve one item they “cannot live without” each day from an offsite storage locker that contains all their stuff. The shop is about exposing people’s personal relationships with their personal belongings and how their lives and values change once all their material possessions are stripped away.  The stars of the show are expected to go about their daily lives by showing up to work, maintaining their families and keeping up with social circles – without their everyday necessities.

On day one, Ali gets a dress but Justin comes back with a couch on which they make a baby on! Funny stuff!

They bathe in their pool and brush their teeth with honey and lemons. They both state in the end that the show forced them to communicate with each other and Justin said he used the opportunity to convince Ali to finally start a family!

Well, that worked!

The show airs every Tuesday at 10pm on the cable TV channel.

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