The 10 Hostess Gifts Commonly Given During the Holidays

The holiday season calls for entertaining and being entertained, in other people’s homes at cocktail parties, open houses, family and friends’ gatherings.

It is common etiquette to take the host a hostess gift, a small token of gratitude for opening their home and planning a gathering.

Here are the top 10 common things people bring to hosts:

1. A bottle of wine. This can be any variety and presented in a festive gift bag.

2. A box of chocolates. Everyone loves chocolates and the season is about decadent excessive eating after all. Godiva is a fave, as is Ghirardelli or anything Swiss.

3. Note cards. Nice notecards are the type of things people don’t buy for themselves ordinarily so that’s a great gift.

4. A nice plotted plant or flowers. These can last he season of taken care of well. Great gift. A succulent plant is great because they can thrive in any weather or environment practically!

5. Scented candles. Fragrances to mask the smell of cooking and make the home aromatic are wonderful.

6. Gift sets. Whether it’s candy, scented soaps or lotions, anything tied in a nice bow would work. Even cookies!

7. Olive Oil. Many kitchen stores and gourmet gifts stores sell olive oil in nice decorative decanters.

8. Tree Ornaments. Why not give the host a new ornament to decorate the tree with this year or next?

9. Wine Tags. Stores sell these tags that guests use to identify their glass of wine or decorate a wine bottle. They’re inexpensive but classy

10. Picture Frame. Buy a frame with a nice saying or that is a conversation piece on its own.

Good luck shopping and don’t forget to pick up your hostess gifts while you’re out.

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