Viral: College Student Finishes Final In Labor and Delivery Bed

A College student in Missouri recently displayed what it means to be a super woman when a photo of her in bed working on a final while in her labor and delivery bed went viral.

“my mom took this pic & it’s the perfect explanation of my life,” Nayzia Thomas captioned a December 12th photo on Twitter of herself studying hard for an upcoming exam whilst waiting to deliver her son. “yes i’m about to have a baby, but final SZN ain’t over yet ??”

She was working on her dissociative identity project for her major’s final at Johnson County Community College in Kansas City, where Thomas is a student.

The diligent coed was determined to complete the assignment on time and avoid an “incomplete” grade even though it wasn’t due until the end of that week.

“It wasn’t due until the end of the week — finals week is Dec. 11 to tomorrow — but my goal was to try to have everything done before,” Thomas told Yahoo Lifestyle. “[I thought] ‘before all this gets crazy let me hurry up and finish this final.’”

By the way, did we say she also had to have a blood transfusion too?

Thomas’ post has received 131+K likes and over 27,000 retweets!

She shared a precious photo of her brand new son Anthony Alexander and husband Daivon Alexander in bed.

The share came with an update on how difficult the labor, delivery and post birthing of son Anthony was.

“update: on 12/12/17 we had a healthy baby boy,” Thomas revealed. “ However, I experienced major blood loss & my body went into shock post-delivery. It was very scary, but his father was right there to take over when I went unconscious. We are blessed! AND I’m finishing the semester w/ a 3.5 GPA!??“

“School is so important to me,” Thomas told Yahoo, adding that she stayed in classes until she was 39 weeks pregnant because of the importance of a college degree.

You can check the over 250 replies to the tweet to see all the supportive comments others have left including pics and stories of other hardworking and devoted pre-delivery students.

One other particularly amazing woman shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her newborn while still working on her final.

Check out the replies to her tweet for more

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