How To Give Yourself A Winter Paraffin Wax Manicure


Do you have a hand that is rough and dry? If yes, it time that you take care of your hands and make them beautiful and smooth. Going to the spa for a manicure is quite expensive. So here is a solution for you. This is an amazing manicure, which you can do easily at home and thus save money. We are talking about paraffin wax manicure and this is how it is done.

  • Heat paraffin wax in a large bowl for 10 seconds in the microwave. Make sure that the wax gets liquefied completely.
  • Let the wax cool down. As it gets cooled, apply a thick and rich cream or lotion on your hands and massage well, so that your hands are well moisturized.
  • Now check whether the wax has cooled and then dip your hands in this wax. Lift your hands from the wax and then wait for 5 seconds and then dip your hand again. Repeat this till your hands het completely covered with wax and 5 to 7 layers of the wax is made on your hand. Now you can wait as long as you wish. You may use this time to sit back and relax, watching TV or a movie, or listening to your favorite songs.
  • You should make sure that you leave wax on your hand for at least 30 minutes. This will provide you excellent results. After the stipulated time, go to the trash bin and takeoff the paraffin from your hand. After removing the wax, massage your hand again with cream or lotion. Now cover your hand with a glove. Repeat with the other hand also.
  • Now apply the same procedure for waxing your feet also.
  • Once you have completed treating your hands and feet in this manner, you will see that your hands and feet have become soft and smooth. All the dryness and roughness you felt on your hands and feet will be gone. One of the additional benefits of paraffin wax is that it also makes your nails strong.

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