8 Remarkable Ways Cooking Is A Form of Self Care {INFOGRAPHIC}

Challenging is good, getting fed up is not.

Cooking provides a healthy balance. Julia Ohana, master social worker and culinary therapist, explains that the combo of engaging our brain and providing nourishment for ourselves and others leads to psychological benefits.

Getting pleasantly immersed in a challenge that will yield basic, pleasurable results (e.g. food), our bodies are calmly lulled into a meditative state when we mindfully cook — quite literally, we get lost in the sauce.

No, you’re not going to experience these feelings while throwing a Kid Cuisine into the microwave. Instead, truly think about what adds to the dish at hand when you make a meal from scratch. Maybe grabbing some tumeric from the drawer above will add the perfect amount of tang, or dashing some lemon juice from the fridge will spritz up your meal. Anything is a go-to ingredient, just customize thoughtfully and methodically.

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Image Source: Ella Olsson

cooking as therapy infographic

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