5 Things to Consider While Waiting on College Admissions Letters

With college admissions results arriving this week,  here are a few tips to keep in mind for families awaiting their child’s college admissions results.

According to the education experts at Magoosh,an online solution that gives everyone access to enjoyable, affordable, and quality test prep—there are certain things that families can do to help ease the stress during this waiting period.

Here are 5 tips to consider:

>> TIP 1: Keep an open mind — there’s no such thing as one “perfect” school.

There are many schools that offer great educational programs and opportunities that are unique to their name. There is always something special about the school your child decides to go to.

>> TIP 2: Have a plan to finance the education.

Whether parents have already saved for their child’s tuition, plan to use financial aid, or will be relying on students loans, always make sure you know how much the total cost for attending each of the college options will be.

>> TIP 3: Stay off social media.

You don’t want to see other parents boasting about their child’s admission to their favorite school—it will just make you more stressed while your child is waiting for their results.  

>> TIP 4: Don’t let your child take it personally.

Millions of national and international students apply each year to attend college. Even if you child is at the top of their class, sometimes things are out of their control.

>> TIP 5: Have a Plan B.

If they don’t get into their dream college, they can take a gap year which will strengthen their application for next school year. Always have a backup plan so they’re not at a loss after college admissions season.

Good luck!

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