How Too Much Screen Time Affects Kids (INFOGRAPHIC)

Nearly 40% of children spend at least three hours per day on digital devices.

Understandably, 70% of parents surveyed are worried how too much digital screen time will impact their children’s health, mind and bodies.

Studies show that too much screen exposure may lead to more children suffering from digital addiction, computer vision syndrome (CSV) and other conditions. The folks from WhatIsDryEye.com  offers an inforgraphic, “How Too Much Screen Time Affects Kids“, that outlines the problems and offers solutions.

Here are just a few examples from the infographic:

  • Digital Addiction: Winning a video game releases dopamine similar to drug, gambling and sexual addictions.
  • Nearsightedness: Has increased from 25% to 41% in the last 30 years and too much screen time and not enough sunlight are key reasons.
  • Dry Eye Syndrome: Caused by blinking 60% less when using a digital device.
  •  Every 20 minutes take a 20 second break and look at something 20 feet away.


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