Et Tu Padma Lakshmi: The ‘Top Chef’ Host Posts Breastfeeding While Glamming Photo

Breastfeeding while getting glam has been done before and most recently,we learned that Padma Lakshmi did it too in a throwback Thursday post she made this week on her Instagram page.

“This is a shout out to working Moms everywhere!! #TBT” the Top Chef host captioned a photo of herself putting on mascara with curler in her hair while her then newborn daughter Krishna, who is now 8-years old. 

What makes hers different than the 12 other times celebrity women have shared a breastfeeding while working photo is that she was doing her own makeup. Go girl!

Also learned while researching this piece: she was not sure who her daughter’s father was at the time because she was romantically involved with both the late IMG CEO and billionaire Teddy Forstmann, who died in 2011 at age 71, and Adam Dell, brother of Dell Computer founder Michael. She admitted this fact a couple of years ago inside her memoir, “Love, Loss and What We Ate.”



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