If HS Grad Rates Influence Where You’ll Raise Your Family, Read THIS!

In a world that is increasingly global, mobile and social, people have more flexibility where they work.  Therefore, they have more choices when it comes to choosing were to plant their flag and raise a family.

Among the many factors they look at, high school graduation rates is at the top of the list.  It signifies that their children will be well-schooled which gives them a head start for college and ultimately their careers later in life.

The team at HomeArea.com created the High School Graduation Rates by State (GRAPHIC), which ranks all 51 states from highest to lowest.

Some of the results were surprising, for example, did you know that Wyoming has the highest high

Here are some of topline facts:

  • Wyoming rose from #6 to #1
  • Alaska rose from #4 to #2
  • New Hampshire fell from #2 to #4
  • Montana fell from #1 to #5
  • North Dakota fell from #5 to #6.
  • Hawaii saw the biggest percentage increase in percent with a high school diploma at 1.2%,
  • Montana saw the largest percentage decrease at -0.8%.

 To view the graphic in its entirety, click onthe High School Graduation Rates by State (GRAPHIC)

States with the Highest Graduation Rates by HomeArea.com

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