Summer Months Tips For Keeping Your AC Unit In Top Shape

Speaking of not having AC (see earlier post from today), when you do have a unit in your home, you got to keep that sucker in tip top shape especially in the warmer months. Believe it or not, an air conditioner is like an automobile and has many moving parts that need to be serviced in order to extend the life of the unit.

 The worst thing ever would be not having an AC during the hottest day in the summer. That’s why a simple air conditioning tune-up is necessary to prevent those sudden AC unit failures that always seem to happen during those scorching summer days. Here are some basic checks that can be made to ensure that your AC won’t burn out all of a sudden.

 First, it’s important to inspect and lubricate all moving parts. This is true for any mechanism and is very necessary in order for the mechanism to keep working correctly. Some of these moving parts of an AC unit include: bearings, coils, and all other rotating equipment. With out the crucial service on these parts of the unit, the unit will eventually fail.

 Next, cleaning and replacing filters and drains is another crucial service to avoid more expensive air conditioning repairs in the future. If filters are dry, they won’t work as well and reduce the overall efficiency of your system The air won’t feel as cool coming out of it and it won’t produce as much air into our home either. If the filter is restricted and something is blocking it, energy is wasted and things will only become worse.

Third, most of the AC service is simply inspecting the unit to check to see if everything is working properly. No sense replacing something that doesn’t need to be replaced, that’s why its important to inspect it first. Parts of the unit that definitely will need to be inspected are: indoor coils, condensate drain, condenser coil, safety devices, disconnect box, electrical (for exposed wiring), fan blade, service valves, and duct work. If your unit is properly inspected and none of these components are performing incorrectly, then you should be fine for the rest of the summer.

Finally, never forget the compressor! OyOne of the most expensive parts of the unit is the compressor. If your filters happen to be dirty for quite a while because of failure of inspection, your compressor could end up needing to be replaced. This is the common problem with AC units. Failure of inspection and service leads to a burnt out compressor. That’s why making sure that you are responsible and keep up to date with your AC Tune ups and AC maintenance is crucial to saving money on your unit. You will end up saving so much money in the long-run if you just take the time and get your AC unit checked every once and while

You won’t regret calling for an air conditioning tune-up, I guarantee it.

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