Summer Vacation Planning: Here Are 100 Places in America To Visit

Summer vacations means three months of no school. Families with small and school aged children use these warmer days to travel. It can get expensive to fly so a road trip could be in order. We’ve compiled 100 places in America to road trip to this Summer as you plan our the weeks ahead:


The northeast is the oldest part of the country, and home to many notable and historic landmarks. Whether you live in the northeast or just take your au pair there to visit, consider visiting these 20 places.


The Pacific Northwest is home to everything from beaches to mountains to national parks, making it a breathtaking area to visit. If you’re planning on touring the PNW with your au pair, be sure to check out these 20 places.


If you’d like to travel someplace warm and full of southern charm, look no further than these 20 southern locales.


The Southwest is home to a little bit of everything, whether you want to visit a natural landmark like the Grand Canyon or something more other worldly like the UFO museum in Roswell. No matter what you want to do, one things for sure, these 20 locations aren’t to be missed.


If you are looking to spend some time in the heart of the country, then the Midwest is where you need to head. There’s something for everyone, especially when you travel to these 20 spots.

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