We’re Loving This Kentucky Mom-To-Be’s Taco Bell-Themed Belly Progression Photos

The weekly or monthly belly progression graphic is a common thing created by our new generation of expecting moms, especially among my fave generation, the very creative millenials.

One expectant Kentucky mom decided to use Taco Bell menu items to document her pregnancy and belly growth.

“I was brainstorming with my family and my brother-in-law suggested Taco Bell and I thought ‘Of course!’ It seemed so obvious,” Kelsey McKain revealed to Taco Bell’s blog. “After that I looked through the Taco Bell menu and created a week-by-week spreadsheet with how big the baby would be and chose a corresponding Taco Bell menu item. I’ve been working from that every week,” Kelsey said.

How to Do a Pregnancy Progression of Baby’s First Year Board

And Baby McKain seems to agree with mama’s choice. According to Kelsey, her baby girl moves around like crazy after she eats it. Ha!

Wanna check out some:

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