Viral: Mom of the Most Famous Almost Born Triplets Gives Birth

One of my most viral photos and posts ever was about a mom-to-be who was expecting quadruplets. She was on the beach in a bikini. It awed and shocked a lot of people, that photo.

Fast forward about a decade later and I see another mom, this time expecting triplets, is viral. A 33-year old Norwegian woman caught a lot of attention recently over her periodic updates and bare bump photos of her growing bump.  Her Triplets of Copenhagen  has over 160,000 followers as of the date of this post.

“I’m reaching my limits now, and counting the days until delivery,” Maria of Copenhagen wrote at the 33-week mark. “The babies are kicking hard and moving around all day and night, to great discomfort. And my belly feels so full and stretched; I literally have to lift it with my hands to be able to turn over in bed.”

This Wednesday, Maria and her husband Landre welcomed their three bundles of joy: daughters Agnes and Iben and son Filip following an induction.

The couple grew a lot of fans also, some who gifted her and the babies gifts like knitted sweaters.

She also did a great job of documenting her journey, including baby shopping and all of the prep it takes to grow a family from two to five overnight.

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