The Most Confident Adults Grew Up In Families With These 14 Traits

Children who grew up in a family culture that mirrored the culture of innovation, free and exploratory thought are more likely to do well in life.  As a parenting expert, a 10+ year parenting blogger and experienced parent myself, I came up with a list of 14 values and circumstances that exist in families and homes that churn out the best successful children and eventual adults:

1. Grew up without much restrictions and structure to their lives perhaps because their family owned a home or a car and they had free reign and places to play and explore.

2. Were not tied to budgets so their play toys included plenty of puzzles, lego blocks, books and other toys to stimulate the mind and encourage free thought and imagination.

3. Went to a school that offered Montessori education or explored different curriculum so they could tailor learning to the individual ways that children learn.

4. Were surrounded by entrepreneurs, professionals and other examples of great success growing up among members of their family and community thus the concept of making it on a whim, a wing and a prayer was not lost on them and they got it and understood.

5. Attended functions and events with family where conversations around them circled and focused on culture, the arts, current events, and other worldly topics so they were exposed to great and bright ideas regularly from the beginning.

6. Were never raised to fear authority or

7. to fear “no” or:

8. to fear rejection;

9.  to fear success; or

10. to fear failure.

11. Were never shut down for having a thought or idea or never told to shut up and keep quiet when they had something to contribute

12. Were free to explore and do what they wanted, and money was made available if they wanted to join the Peace Corp or go backpacking in Europe for a year first.

13. Didn’t have parents who told them they cannot and should not sing if they wanted or wander if they wanted.

14. They were free range in thought and physical space.

Children who grow in families where the aforementioned values are nurtured, promoted, elevated and cultivated will be most successful in corporate, entrepreneurial and life in general, in my opinion.

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