Wear Yellow To Brighten Your Mood This Fall and Winter

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, several of us start to see our moods and temperaments change or dampen. Seasonal Affect Disorder is a common condition that is linked to  the colder months of the year. It can be counterbalanced with light therapy and other sensory treatments.

I think another way to help lift the mood is to wear bright colors in your wardrobe.  Yellow is my go to! It’s a great hue because it’s sunny, bright and could lighten your mood just by wearing it, I think.

Be creative and find different ways to mix yellow into your wardrobe. Accessories are the best way to do that.  You can incorporate yellow by wearing yellow-tinted aviators or lemon framed sunglasses, sunflower yellow tassel earrings, a lemon chiffon patterned tote or a canary yellow scarf.

I like this Mango man Essential Scarf which is great and lightweight and good for warm or cool temps and runs just $15.

You can walk on sunshine with some yellow ballet flats, loafers or tennis shoes too. I like Bass’s Whitney Weejuns Leather Penny Loafer  ($77)- Women’s If you can be so bold and work in an environment that allows for creative dress, paint your nails yellow.

I also love the idea of a big bright and sunny yellow tote. It is unexpected and eye catching and will certainly turn heads like Aldo’s tote for just $39.00 which is a steal!

However, you can, go big and bold! Shop these styles:

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