You Don’t Have To Suffer with Heartburn During Pregnancy

One of the problems that occur during pregnancy is heartburn. It can be described as a burning sensation pains the chest and throat region and is commonly a result of acid reflux in the stomach.   The fiery sensation comes from the acid that leaks from the relaxed lower esophageal sphincter (LES) which is otherwise supposed to immure the acids in the stomach.

Majority of pregnant women tend to suffer from heartburn issues post bedtime and meals, especially during their second and third trimester.

Here are a few tips from RaiseVegan to help you deal with heartburn during pregnancy:

•    Start with cutting down the amount of food per serving. Don’t stuff your stomach.

• Take time to chew whatever you eat. The idea is to put as much less pressure on your digestive system as possible.

•  Avoid drinking liquids while eating. Chances of reflux are more if you have been gobbling up both liquids and solids in one go. 

• Don’t take to bed as soon as you have eaten. Walk a bit. 

• Eat as much fiber as you can. Include salads in your diet.

• Increase your intake of natural antacids, such as bananas and Aloe Vera juice.

• Trust your instinct. If you feel something is off, see your doctor. Peace of mind matters the most.

Did you have heartburn during pregnancy? How did you cope? 

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