Instagram Influencer Used Cocaine to Stay Skinny Until Pregnancy; Says Others Do Too

Instagram influencer turned Parenting Blogger and Model Ruby Matthews admitted this week that she used cocaine to help her stay skinny and says a lot of Instagram influencers do too.

Matthews, who is now mom to two boys, shared this news to her close to 200,000 followers on Instagram on Tuesday during a Q&A session on Instagram Stories.

The 25-year old Australian native said in order to stay thin, she sustained herself on a diet “tapas and cocaine.”

“I did a lot of cocaine. Like, a lot. So basically, I just smoked cigarettes, had long blacks, and did coke,” she confessed on the platform that allows stories to disappear after 24 hours. “And in between, I had tapas. My life was tapas and cocaine.”

She goes on to say that she gave it all up when she became pregnant with her first child.

Though the videos are gone, captures of them are still circulating online.

“A lot of people never understood how I could eat and still be so thin, but I guess it’s pretty easy to hide an addiction,” she said. “People don’t realise how easy it is to hide something, whether it’s addiction, depression, or anxiety. It’s pretty easy to hide those little things.”

Since becoming a mom for the first time nearly 5 years ago, she has tried to use her platform to promote a healthier lifestyle which, as Revelist noted, is the opposite of what most influencers that push diet teas into their followers. A lot of them are nothing but appetite suppressants and laxatives

She sold out the industry in her spiel as well.

“I need to be careful what I’m saying here, but in the [influencer and modeling] industry, everyone loves the baggies,” she said. “But that is how most physiques are maintained, that’s how exactly my physique was maintained.”

On Wednesday, Matthews posted an old photo of herself and said she had “no desire to look like that ever again” and was glad things have changed in the modeling industry.

She’s still pretty thin compared to most women though but still good for her for unveiling a dark allegation that may be true and being transparent!

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