Monster Jam DC Recap

A great time was had by all the little boys and girls, big and small, who made it out to the opening day of the MONSTER JAM show at the Capitol One Arena in Chinatown in Washington, DC.

Before the show launched, a few fortunate ticketholders got a chance to have a truck touch at a ___ party.

We arrived about a half an hour before the show and were greeted with line that snaked around the block, literally, but I get it! Security first!

Nothing, not cold temps, or long lines, could stop the anxious attendees from experiencing first hand the death defying tricks, spins, and amazing driving of these supreme automobiles.

Thanks to our gracious host, Feld Entertainment, we settled in 4th row, Section 1 seats, smack dab in the middle of all the action and took in the phenomenal show! The audience around us were simply amazed and rose to their feet several times to applause these skillful drivers who did things with mega trucks I have never seen in my life.

This was my second time attending one of these shows and boy has it been upgraded since I last attended with one of my sons over a decade ago.

It’s really hard to put it in words and to be honest, it’s an experience I think You HAVE to get up close and personal and on your own!

To borrow the words of the promo materials:

Monster Jam takes center stage in the world’s most iconic venues, sporting meticulously manicured dirt tracks created with the sole purpose of pushing these perfectly engineered, ever-evolving trucks to the limit. 

These world-class driers, some generational rivals, are athletes at the core and experts in four-wheeled, controlled agression. Ang just when  you think we’re done racing, jumping, flipping and doing things with trucks you’ve never seen before, the brand extends in to the home through must-watch content and merchandise that keeps the fun alive year-round.

If you live in the DC area and missed the show this round, I recommend you try your best to make the next time the show comes to town. For those of you around the country who have upcoming shows, you can purchase tickets which often times start at a reasonably priced $20 per ticket at Ticketmaster or the local box office where the show will take place.

Stadium Tour 1– 2/2: Tampa, FL; 2/9-10: Indianapolis, IN; 2/16: Minneapolis, MN; 2/23: Arlington, TX; 3/2-3: St. Louis, MO; 3/9-10: Detroit, MI; 3/23: Las Vegas, NV; 4/5-7: Colorado Springs, CO; 4/13: Santa Clara, CA; 4/27: Denver, CO

Stadium Tour 2– 2/9-10: Oakland, CA; 2/16-17: Anaheim, CA; 3/2-2: El Paso, TX; 3/16: Seattle, WA; 3/30: Lexington, KY; 4/6: Syracuse, NY; 4/13: Hamilton, ON; 4/20: Philadelphia, PA

Stadium Tour 3– 2/2: Anaheim, CA; 2/16-17: Miami, FL; 2/23: Atlanta, GA; 3/2-3: Jacksonville, FL; 3/30: New Orleans, LA; 4/6-7: Knoxville, TN

Arena Tour 1, Triple Threat Series West– Spokane, WA; 2/1-2: Fargo, ND; 2/8-10: Denver, CO; 2/16-17: Oklahoma City, OK; 2/22-23: Wichita, KS; 3/2-3: Portland, OR; 3/8-10: Vancouver, BC; 3/15-17: Fresno, CA; 3/30-31: Pensacola, FL; 4/5-6: Columbia, SC; 4/26-28: Wilkes Barre, PA; 

Arena Tour 2, Triple Threat Series Central– 2/1-3: Charleston, WV; 2/8-10: Pittsburgh, PA; 2/16-17: Cleveland, OH; 2/22-23: Richmond, VA; 3/1-4: Rosemont, IL; 3/9-10: Raleigh, NC; 3/23-25: Grand Rapids, MI; 3/30-31: Cincinnati, OH; 4/6-7: Columbus, OH; 4/27-28: Moline, IL

Arena Tour 3, Triple Threat Series East– 2/1-3: Providence, RI; 2/8-9: Greenville, SC; 2/15-17: Worcester, MA; 2/22-24: Allentown, PA; 3/1-3: Baltimore, MD; 3/8-10: Toledo, OH; 3/15-17: Huntsville, AL; 3/22-24: South Haven, MS; 4/6-6: Little Rock, AR; 4/13-14: Austin, TX; 4/19-20: Des Moines, IA

Arena Tour 4– 2/1-2: Florence, SC; 2/8-9: Tupelo, MS; 2/23-24: Biloxi, MS; 3/2-3: Tucson, AZ; 3/8-9: Nampa, ID; 3/15-16: Albuquerque, NM; 3/22-24: Reno, NV; 3/29-30: Lincoln, NE; 4/6-7: Colorado Springs, CO; 4/27-28: Baton Rouge, LA

I am a Feld Family Ambassador, and in exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog, as well as keeping you advised of the latest discount offers, Feld Entertainment has provided me with complimentary tickets to Feld shows and opportunities to attend private Feld pre-Show events.

Even though I receive these benefits, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine.

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