Make Wholesome Homemade BabyFood Quick With Gourmia’s Processor {Review}

Jarred baby food recalls would scare you into making your own baby food, but then again, a lot of new moms are stopped in their tracks over the fear of the time it could take to pull it off. Also, the mess!

Thankfully, time and innovation have made it so that brands and manufacturers have perfected the process by releasing efficient, easy-to-clean appliances to make it happen! Woot!

Gourmia 8-in-1 Baby Food Processor is such an amazing product!

Gourmia is an established and well-respected cooking appliance manufacturer that designs products for cooks who want to make easy, healthy and delicious meals every week, not only on special occasions and holidays like pressure cookers, immersion blenders, air fryers and more. Recently, it got into the baby food processing business and launched a series or products, starting with a 5-in-1 processor which is has updated to add even more functionality so it is now an 8-in-1 appliance.

To be honest, I am truly amazed at the innovation that sprouts out from baby manufacturers and new mom products makers annually.

The Baby and Toy Show is coming up in NYC and I cannot wait to check out all that’s new and in store.

Now, for this product, I am aware of bottle sterilizers and baby food processors for those who make their own baby food but didn’t know there was a product that combines BOTH processes in one device!

The Gourmia Jr. 8-in-1 is a durable comprehensive baby system for baby prep food needs, baby food making and steamer.

Gourmia steams, warms, sanitizes, defrosts, reheats, purees, blends and processes food. it uses a QuikSteam and BabySafe technologies to make portions come out perfectly.

I put it together pretty easily out of the box. I struggled a bit to twist off the top which was on very firmly. I was almost frustrated but kept at it.

Then I assembled the steam baskets intuitively without even consulting the manual. I do recommend going through the steps in the quick start guide to make sure you do everything right.

Then I blended some carrots and apples for a nice puree for my soup I will make later. It was the texture of homemade baby food.

I added green powder mix and kombucha and juiced a nutritious drink for mom to get me through the day.

When you’re done, you can pour the leftovers or excess into one of two freezer bags that comes with the unit and store it. Mark what’s inside and the date before placing it in the freezer or fridge.

Gourmia 8-in-1 is also a steamer. It is very important when you have a new baby that you sterilize his bottles, nipples and bottle caps, pacifiers, teething rings and toys to keep them virus free and healthy.

You can use this processor for that dual purpose. And for moms who are breastfeeding, you can also drop in breast pump parts in there for steam cleaning as well. LOVE!

I also used the steamer to steam veggies for my soup and it took 20 minutes to do it while I worked.

What makes Gourmia 8-in-1 processor work is that it is truly multi-functional in every way and is perfect for a busy mom with little time is that you can actually process not one but TREE different textured foods at the same time (up to 1000 ml).

I like the large touch screen pad on the face of the processor. To make it super easy to use, each function has a tiny picture as well as the words for the process. I was able to punch it with my knuckles with my hands messy with food

For frozen foods, the “quicksteam” function defrosts before the food cooks. I am not aware of any other baby food processor that does this.

It makes 250ml servings but the cup can hold about 750ml on water. 

The tiered basket make it super easy to clean in between uses. It also has an easy removable basket so you can quickly and easily clean the shavings from the processing.

The only con is that it is a bit loud but not louder than any other food processor, blender or other electronic device in my kitchen.

Overall, I really likes the system and highly recommend it for moms on the go because it can do so much and is super easy to use and clean!

Get it at Amazon.com for $69.99 or the new 8-in-1 from the company’s website.

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