The Working Mom’s Guide To A Happier Life

Being a working mom is a tough job. Juggling work, family time, and your own hobbies and social life is something that many working moms struggle to do.

Usually, moms who work away from home feel that they are missing out somewhere, and that their routine is unbalanced in some way.

Here, we’re going to look at things you can do to live a happier, more balanced life when you’re a working mom. Take a look and you might find some inspiration.

Let Go Of Your ‘Mom Guilt’

You can’t allow yourself to feel guilty about not being able to spend every waking second with your kids, as much as you may want to. Focus on the positives of you working instead. For instance, it’s very admirable that you are working, and you are setting a great example for your kids as a result!

Utilize Time Saving Hacks

There may be shortcuts you can use to save time. You may be able to also plan strategically so that you’re not wasting time unnecessarily. For instance you can order your food shopping online, and perhaps even see if there are ways you can work remotely. Preparing food in advance is a good plan, as well as picking out outfits the night before.


Maintain Open Communication With Your Manager/Boss

You should expect changes as a working mom. You may have appointments you have to keep, as well as sick kids you must deal with from time to time. It’s important you explain how you will continue to do your job well and what your place of work can do to help you. They will be impressed that you show your transparency and dedication to your job. Perhaps they will help you to further your career by enrolling you in courses from Kettering Online Education or another institution. Don’t be afraid to say what is going on with you!

Kick Distractions And Time Wasters To The Curb

Social media, emails, your phone, the TV – we have all of these distractions and more. Without these things, we can spend more time focusing on family. Time spent together will be far more meaningful when you’re not staring at a screen.

Have Meaningful Family Activities Planned

Plan activities that everybody is going to look forward to and enjoy. For example, you could plan a family games night, or you could stay active together by going on walks. To level up your walks, try geocaching!  

Share The Housework

Housework should not be your job alone. Delegate simple tasks to your kids depending on their age and abilities. You will be teaching them valuable lessons and skills, and they will grow up being more organized and tidy.

Learn How To Say No

Overbooking your kids and overscheduling yourself is a bad idea. Allow time for more ‘me’ time and family time. If you overschedule your kids with things like after school activities, you will be little more than their chauffeur. Don’t say yes to things that you really want to say no to!  

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