I’m Actually Sad Mall Fast Fashion Is Dying

The news came this week that fashion retailer H&M plans to close 160 stores this year, and I couldn’t be more upset.

It wasn’t like the news was a total surprise. We could have expected it.

After all, similar mall staples GymboreeGAPFrancesca’s and other retailers have started to shutter down in a response to tumbling sales and revenue.

Blame it on the uncontrollable growth of ecommerce and online boutiquesand trendy shops like TopShopNasty GalRevolveFashion NOVA and others that do not have retail stores and a new generation of consumers, Millenials and GenZ, that are perfectly fine shopping for clothes, shoes and make up online and without trying them on first, we are clearly in a new era for fashion.

Still, I like “Fast Fashion”.

Maybe I’m a unicorn on this because when I posted the news on one of my Facebook pages about H&M closing stores, my more stylish friends said stuff like they had long since abandoned stores like H&M and Zara because they thought these stores had navigated away from cute, chic styles and abandoned their core aesthetic and initial appeal in exchange for the fast fashion trend.

This trend is defined as “runway to stores” and noted for cheap replicas of designer clothing. The had lost their edge and appeal, my friends said.


But for me, a blogger and mompreneur with a full slate of activity each day, a brood of three kids and a husband, a StartUp I’m incubating and various other projects I’m balancing, fashion is not a priority.

And as a work-from-home solopreneur, it’s not that I have too many occasions to dress up because there is no office I have to check into daily.

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