Mix Up: Couple Delivered Twins Of Different Race Belonging to Another IVF Clinic Client

newborn twins
Photo by Zaid Abu Taha from Pexels (not the actual twins)

A couple with Asian descent spent $100,000 to have two girl embryos implanted in the woman who wound up giving birth 9 months later to two non-Asian boys in a horrible mixup, a new lawsuit alleges.

The couple not only lost all their money, precious time, energy, pregnancy symptoms, labor and delivery, but in the end, they ended up having to give up custody to the twin boys that were carried to term.

[edited to add: Each of the boys born were genetically different and belonged to different parents each. The two boys had gotten accidentally implanted in the mom]

According to news reports about a lawsuit the couple filed, the babies were born in March after the New York couple traveled all the way to Los Angeles to undergo in vitro fertilization.

The couple, identified in the lawsuit as A.P and Y.Z., say that they first consulted CHA Fertility Center in January 2018, and that a first attempt at in vitro fertilization in July failed, NY Post reports.

There was a red flag during the process, however.

 According to The New York Post, a second attempt just a month later was successful, but the couple claims that they raised alarm early on in the pregnancy after they were told they were carrying twin boys, as they had only unfrozen two female embryos.

Dr. Joshua Berger and Simon Hong, co-owners of CHA Fertility Center, allegedly told the couple that the sonogram was “not a definitive test” and let them continue through the pregnancy thinking they would be welcoming twin girls, the lawsuit alleges.

A genetic test confirmed the babies shared neither of the parents DNA.

According to the lawsuit, the couple was forced to give custody of each child to their biological parents, who are also clients of CHA Fertility Center. They also do not know what became of their two female embryos

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