Thanks To Streaming Tech, TV Watching Has Gotten Better for Families

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With modern times and newer options for streaming television, family entertainment has changed for the better.

In fact, binge watching television shows and movies has become an American pastime. Streaming has made watching all of a season of their fave show in one sitting.

Before streaming, in order to watch a set number of shows, consumers had to set their DVRs or watch the shows on demand at a time convenient to them. Because devices like Tivo had limited amount of hardware, you had to delete episodes to add new ones.

Remember how much we loved our Tivos! Before that type of technology, we had to wait for our show to air and if we missed it, we were out of luck. Back then, shows didn’t regularly re-run so we wer estuck waiting for the show’s next season before studios would release the previous season on VHS or DVR.

What a headache for parents whose kids loved a particular show. Luckily, times are changing.

Recently, a company called Flixed has returned to shake up the binge-watching marketplace. For film producers like David Guillod, these individuals could see an uptick in how often users watch these films or shows.

Randomizing Television

Given the fact there is nearly an endless selection of shows and movies to choose from nowadays, viewers can get overwhelmed.

With too many choices available for a consumer, a lot of us end up not making a decision and end up defaulting to what is comfortable and what we already know.

With Flixed, desktop users will have access to a button in Google Chrome, which automatically selects an episode from favorite shows. And if there is a show that you prefer to watch in order, you don’t have to worry about spoilers because those are not included.

Flixed is designed for those who do not know what to watch when a group of friends is over, and it removes this decision-making process.

It’s possible that entertainment enthusiasts may enjoy these types of services if they make watching television easier.

Defaulting to Algorithms

One thing to ponder when thinking of these types of inventions involves outsourcing the human thought process to machines. While deciding which television show to watch is not a life or death decision, it is one of many choices that families will no longer need to worry about.

In this internet-connected world, there seems always to be a solution out there that does not require much thought to execute.

It will be interesting to see if Flixed catches on with the public or if it simply becomes another fad.

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