When Looking For That Perfect Maternity, Event or Vacation Photographer – Look Local

I am a member of several travel groups on Facebook and one thing that stands out to me are the elaborate photo shoots that many people arrange during their vacations.

A common photo is the flying dress photo in Santorini, Greece or on the beaches of Anquilla or Miami.

Many couples also arrange with local photographers on travel for quick photo shoots and not always for a formal occasion like an engagement.

For example, when a central Florida bride I read about named Jessica got engaged to her boyfriend Ryan, she wanted to return to Miami where here parents used to take her and her siblings to as a child. She went with Localgrapher because it seemed like they had a better understanding of what made Miami so special to me.

The same could be said of remote maternity shoots. It is best to take the time to find a photographer or team that knows the area where you’re going to be shooting in, as it will alleviate the stress of finding unique spaces in the town or city.

The Localgrapher option is cool because it has close to 1,000 local photographers in its network at over 600 destinations around the world that consumers can select from depending on their needs.

They come rated so it saves the stress and anxiety over not knowing if the quality is going to be okay. We usually trust the opinions and experiences of those who have used a service provider before and took the time to pen a good review.

I know I’m grateful for that.

The tide has turned when DIY or at home photography was sufficient to bring a vacation, event, engagement, announcement or baby arrival experience to life.

In the advent of social media and ‘The Gram, photography sessions are more accessible for more people and being opted into as the only solution for capturing those moments.

The entire game is changed.

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