So You’re Shopping For a Wedding Dress and You have a Baby Bump?

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Are you planning a fall or winter wedding while still expecting your bundle of joy because you want to be married before baby arrives?

If so, chances are, you may be fretting how you’ll look with a bulbous belly on your big day. Fortunately for you, a lot of wedding designers now cater to pregnant brides. Several styles you’ll find sold from mass producers can be retrofitted to accommodate a baby bump.

In fact, when you conduct a search  for wedding gowns online store, you’ll actually be surprised by the number of options out there. Compare the current situation to not long ago when brides-to-be who were simultaneously “moms-to-be” had very slim options.

The limits of styles, cuts, shapes and dimensions of dresses actually could cause a frustrated bride to give up.

As with bridesmaids dresses, a bride with a bump has to consider cut and shape and look for a gown or dress that flatters her body and her pregnant body.  Avoid going with large tent dresses that can actually dwarf you.

Instead, aim for an A-line but or a dress with an empire waistline. That cut actually is the most common. It looks and feels good and less constraining on a growing midsection.   Seriously consider opting for a bohemian wedding dress which would work perfectly for a more casual wedding, one on the beach or in a less formal venue.

Here are other things to consider

A. Comfort and Fit: Ultimately, you want a dress that flatters your figure and that you’ll feel great wearing. Look for a flowing empire-waisted gown, or a dress that can be ‘enhanced’ with an extra panel to accommodate that lovely baby bump of yours!

B. Alterations: Make sure you’ve got a good tailor who will be able to make last minute alterations a little bit in advance of the wedding date. As you know, all of those measurements are going to change. And then change some more.

C. Support: Speaking of those changing measurements, the right maternity bra can do wonders for a girl’s mood at a wedding, not to mention her back! Once you reach your third trimester, you will likely need to trade in those lacy bras and reach for something more substantial. Just don’t forget to make sure that your maternity bra works with your dress as the date nears.

Be mindful of your due date so if you’ve scheduled your wedding close to your delivery date, make sure all vendors have an option that preserves a portion of the deposit to be used after baby arrives.

Of course, consult with your doctor and ensure that the wedding venue is within a reasonable distance of your hospital or birthing center.

There is no hard fast rule you need to adhere to. Your comfort level and adherence to any style or fashion aesthetic or silhouette are the most important things to consider when shopping for your big day before your other big big day arrives!

Good luck!


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