No-Sew DIY Emergency Facemasks You Can Make At Home {VIDEOS}



The CDC is reconsidering its initial advice regarding the wearing of mask. Previously, under the current directive, the agency recommended that Americans leave the mask wearing to those who have COVID-19 already and medical professionals.

However, since then, it has been well reported that people can have the virus and be asymptomatic, meaning they would have no symptoms associated with the disease. Because it was being recommended that only known patients wear masks, the asymptomatic coronavirus sufferers would be out there spreading the disease without knowing it.

Masks are available online though not readily or quickly available. The paper mask that would not suffice to shield out the  virus but is probably good enough to wear while grocery shopping is available for $5.90 $18.88 for 50 on Amazon but it is going out of stock fast.

The professional grade N95 masks are just not available at all. We have a sewing machine in our house but no one in here knows how to sew. Thankfully, YouTube stars have been great about sharing their quick tutorials on how to make a no sew mask!

Here are a few videos:

First, my fave bc it is the simplest:



Make your own face mask at home using fabric you can find in your closet. No skills needed, no sewing machine needed.

Posted by Nifty on Wednesday, March 25, 2020


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