The 3 Step Guide for Setting Up Your Quarantine Homeschool



By now, most parents are a month or more into being Homeschool families and many have been given the news that school will not resume for the school year.

With this reality solidified, now is a great time to get organized for this last quarter. During this time, we are all sharing one office space and need to keep our files separate and organized from other members of the family.

Here is one suggestion on how to accomplish this task:


Find in the home or purchase from Staples, Walmart, Target  curbside pick up or Amazon, one mega 3 inch three ring binder and purchase  thin one-subject spiral notebooks to go in it.

Purchase matching color-coordinator two-pocked three-hole punched folders to accompany each subject that will be placed behind each notebook.

In the left pocket of each folder, insert the class syllabus/agenda for each week . The right pocket will be used to hold loose-leaf notes and print outs.

The notebook  should used for note taking on one side of the pages only and dated at the upper right hand corner so your child can keep track.


FAMILY ORGANIZATION MATERIALS:  Because the entire family will need to organize time in the shared office space, dueling times on the computer on zoom office meetings or distance learning sessions, a large central family calendar is a must have.

It’s great for the entire family, for accountability sake and so everyone is tune in to the duties and obligations, and assignments of everyone in the household, use or repurpose the following: 

A Large Central Family Calendar to hang in the kitchen or family room where everyone can see it.

On this large calendar, put important dates including virtual doctor’s appointments, quiz and project deadlines, online tutor and rehearsal schedules and more.

If you have more than one child, like we do, dedicate a different colored marker color for each child and family member so they can easily see what applies to them with a glance.

This large calendar may help your child or children organize in their mind(s) as well as let you know who has what exam coming up or assignment due and when too.


A Storage Bin: Find an unused bin in your home or, if it is financially feasible, order one from Staples, Walmart, Target or Amazon

Get a bin with multiple compartments that can store paper, notebooks, blank flash cards, pencils, pens, markers, crayons, staples, glue, scissors, compasses, protractors, rulers and all the materials that may be needed for homework or a short project.

It takes away the time wasted looking for a sharp pencil that children use as an excuse to procrastinate from starting. Have this storage bin be located in the designated study area or nook in your home.

A Weekly Calendar: Like the monthly calendar, the weekly calendar should be updated each Sunday before the new week with tests, quizzed and other due dates. . Have your kid or kids review your class notes from the previous week to see if you need to add any school activities.

Timer: Use a timer on your smart phone and set it for 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted study, then allow for 5-10 minutes of break to help a child who has a tough time concentrating and working non-stop.

You can also purchase a timer just for this purpose.

It’s also great for kids who have or are borderline ADD/ADHD and/or have executive functioning disorder. Children with these conditions require more frequent breaks.

Daily To-Do List: Some children need daily reminders of what to do each day and even though you tell them, they forget.

Having a fixed daily schedule up on or near the fridge in the kitchen or other heavily traveled area is a good idea.

Ours include minutiae: Bathe, brush teeth, put on deodorant, dress, brush hair, eat breakfast; and after school and after library: undress, hang up uniforms, dinner, get forms signed, pack backpacks and knapsacks for the next day and leave by door, unpack lunchboxes and dump uneaten stuff and trash, warm milk, reading or practice instrument, quick study, bedtime.

Now, let’s get organized and getterdone! No more excuses for being organized! Do it today!!!!!

Good luck, parents!

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