Yeah So a NM Mom Is Selling Wigs for Babies

In “I’ve done seen it all” news, an Albuqurque, New Mexico mom is selling custom wigs for babies. * insert blank stare emoji here *

That’s right! The stylist, Vonn Bamb Wilson, whose hair stylist  Instagram handle is @stylesbyvbb posted a photo of her baby daugthter in a headband with a curly wig attached. In a promo caption introducing the product posted this past April, she asked “Is your baby bald headed , welp I can solve that.”

A tik tok of a stylist outfitting a baby, gnawing on a snack and sitting in a baby booster seat went slight viral, bringing renewed attention to the product.

Wilson, who is also a logo designer, Instagram model, says her daugher, Khaleesi Emery, was the inspiration for the line of custom headbands called Kake Headbands and she encouraged people to follow her daughter’s Instagram page and the page for the product at @kakesheadbands.

She also posted a photo of a 3-year old girl with Alopecia named Yanaiah Gutierrez wearing the hair band.

In any event, the stylist has since removed her instagram page for the headband or it doesn’t exist. Meanwhile, the hair on the baby’s hair looks fine today.


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