DIY Period Power: How to Create a First Period Kit for Your Mighty Girl

A new year is full of firsts, and for many Mighty Girls that may include her first period! To help her feel prepared for whenever her period starts, a “just in case” first period kit is a great addition to her backpack or school locker — or to have on hand at home if she’ll be studying remotely this spring And, the start of a new school semester is the perfect time to stash a first period kit in her backpack or bedroom and talk to her about what to expect when her period comes.

It’s important to start talking about periods early; although the average age of menarche in the US is 12, girls can start their periods any time between the ages of 8 and 15. In particular, parents should keep in mind that a girl’s first period usually (but not always!) happens about two years after her breasts start to develop. So as soon as you start noticing physical changes in your Mighty Girl, you should start the on-going discussion about puberty and periods.

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