It’s Memorial Day weekend and many families around the US may be hosting barbecues and cook-outs in celebration of the holiday remembering fallen soldiers of war or military servicemen who have passed away. As you prepare to host an event in your home, consider implementing some of these simple suggestions for having a Green, Eco-Friendly and Environmentally-friendly event.

Plan ahead so you don’t have too much food.

  1. Use natural charcoal or better yet natural gas or propane grill which are more environmentally friendly.
  2. Buy local produce from local farmer’s markets
  3. Buy organic foods.
  4. Consider vegan or vegetarian options which are better for the digestive system.
  5. Use all-natural insect repellant and bug sprays which are better on the skin, especially for small children
  6. Bring home the goods in recyclable or paper, not plastic bags.
  7. Serve food on reusable plates and utensils or biodegradable or recyclable flat and tableware.
  8. Start your fire with a chimney starter instead of lighter fluid.
  9. Cook with pans and items made of recyclable materials
  10. Spread the energy consumed cooking around by having guests bring a dish,
  11. Grill as much as you can, and even cook the foods in the burners on the grill because it saves energy
  12. Cover pans while cooking to reduce cooking time or energy bill if you are cooking on the stove in the kitchen.
  13. Cut up the food into smaller pieces to let them cook faster and save energy.
  14. Consider using a water filter pitcher or a faucet-mounted filter for water instead of bottled water.
  15. Mix up a batch of lemonade or iced tea and serve in a large pitcher or punch bowl to cut down on cans and plastic bottles.
  16. Figure out creative ways to “remix” the leftovers rather than dump them out.
  17. Compost the veggies or grill scraps.
  18. Clean up using non-toxic cleaners and green cleaning products.
  19. Recycle when you’re done!
  20. Even if you can institute a few of these suggestions, you would have done at least something to reduce your carbon footprint and give back to Mother Earth.

Happy Grilling!

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