20 Dorm Room Decor Essentials That’ll Liven Up Your Tiny Space

Woman sited on a bench reading a book

Decorating a dorm is tough—they aren’t exactly cute by nature, and you’re not given a lot of free space to work with. But it can also be fun!

And you can actually do a lot with it if you have a few key pieces to make it feel more like a stylish home. We’ve rounded up some dorm room decor essentials you absolutely need, and if you prefer to DIY your decor yourself, we have ideas for that, too! Ahead, twenty dorm room decorating ideas to get you ready the school year.



wite fluffy comy chair

Comfy Chair


You need a spot to lounge other than your desk chair and bed. This one is plush, actually cute, and a rocker. Done and done.
many Extension Cords

Cool Extension Cords


There’s a 99.99 percent chance that your dorm room won’t have enough outlets to accomodate all of your needs. Plan ahead with an extension cord that doesn’t cramp your style. 
Brown Hamper

Tasteful Hamper


Make the least exciting task a little bit better with a cute printed laundry bag. This one has handles, so it’s super easy to carry with you to the machines.

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