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5 Rules of the Facebook Fashionista

Photo: Tamara Bellis

I shared this blog post about Facebook tagging rules on one of my old blogs, MsChiefmakers and I’m resharing it here because I thought it was a fun share:

Along with all the positive impact of the social networking tool, Facebook, in bringing old friends, family and colleagues together, another effect is that it created a forum for Fashionistas to show off their uber cute outfits and looking fab photographed with friends on the social circuit.

Unlike celebrities however, the average Fashionista usually can’t afford a closet of outfits she will wear only once, but she has to keep up the appearance of being trendy and fashion-forward.

Also, she cannot be caught in a compromising or unflattering position for fear of it getting out and ruining her Fashonista reputation.

An unintended consequence of Facebook is that it creates a memorial of your outfits that can be easily tracked, making it easy for your fashion nemesis to spot when you’ve repeated an outfit, for example. 

What to do? What to do?

Abide by these 5 rules of Facebook Fashionistas that’s what!

1. Never be tagged wearing the same outfit at an event at a party Or keep a healthy 10 event distance before repeating an outfit. If you find yourself in this dilemma and spot a camera aimed in your direction and you know the camera person (like me) will likely upload the photo and TAG you in it, you can play it safe by turning your head so that you are not recognized and get tagged.

People who like to tag random elbows, backs and shoes they recognize in a photo are not good people or pressed to share with their friends that you were at their event. 

Notwithstanding the rules, it’s safe to throw a jacket overtop a dress you wore before 10 events especially if the jacket stands out and deflects from the garment underneath that breaks this rule. It’s also safe to rearrange pieces of a repeat outfit into a totally different ensemble. Scarves, hats, and funky earrings also help deflect the attention from a possible repeat.

You can always swap outfits with a friend or sister. That works too!

Photo: Samantha Sophia

2. Keep friends who know well enough to NOT tag you looking bloated, cross-eyed, with your mouth open and/or with food in it, looking like a doofus, hunched over, dumpy or caught in an under the chin shot which is a bad angle for all people young, old, short, bald, fat, skinny.

Facebook Fashionistas look out for each other. We crop, edit, photoshop and definitely DO NOT tag friends in unflattering or compromising positions or photos. People who are willing to tag you because they think THEY look good in a shot and totally ignore the fact that you have a dollop of barbecue sauce smeared on your chin should be warned. Privately. Inboxed of the offense. Politely, of course. Put a smiley or “lol” after your warning so not to offend. If they commit the act again, see Rule 4.

3. Do not be afraid to exercise the UNTAG button. Friends, if your Facebook pal untags a photo of herself in a  photo you have tagged, do not take offense. It’s what Facebook Fashionistas do.

4.  Exercise the power of the privacy settings.

If there is a friend who insists on tagging you in unflattering photos and does not abide by the Facebook Fashionista rules, feel free to block, unfriend or put them in a group of folks who you ban from seeing all photos or posts by you.

You can take them out of Facebook Jail after a while.

By then, your lack of constant contact with that person would downgrade you on their Facebook feed anyway, saving you from having to deal with them when they discover the last post they read from you was 2 years ago.

Photo: Clarisse Meyer

5. Always insist on photos being taken at eye level or above to capture your best angles and portray you looking your leanest. 

Only super skinny models can get away with that up the nose angle. Since most people, even professional photographers at parties use digital camera, exercise your right to inspect and approve an image.

Don’t risk having a fugly photo posted all over Facebook by not standing over the photographer and insisting he delete an unflattering photo. If you aren’t able to have it deleted, thank God Facebook lets you untag.

If you know the album owner well enough, you can inbox and request they delete the photo from their album. Fellow Facebook Fashionistas usually oblige.

Get out there and LOOK GOOD girls!

Spring Style: 1 Top Styled 6 Ways

I was admiring some of the “How to Wear” pins on Pinterest and realized that few of them feature women who look like me and with my body size and shape.

So I decided to fill the void and create my own starting with this post on how to rock an orange off-the-shoulder peasant top.

I got mine from H&M which is now just $9.99 down from originally $24.99 or you can get a similar one by Rachel Zoe here or a more casual ASOS design here. and a youthful shorter cropped one also from H&M here or a plus size option here.

I styled it several ways and here are a few ways to pull it of.


Pair it with cropped denim distressed jeans or cuff a pair of jeans you already own. I’m wearing American Eagle but you can get a similar jeans here and for a lower price point here. I dressed it down with quilted black Sperry loafers (similar style) and here is a similar brand for less or (splurge on Tod’s) and carried a signature Dooney & Bourke leather and canvas monogram logo hobo bag (which you can purchase here for just $60!


For the sporty version, I wore the shirt with a pair of black Nike running pants, (similar style for less) and opted for white sole black high tops (go big with Balenciagas) with a floral mini backpack (similar by AD Sutton) and cropped distressed army green jacket (similar lower price by SHEIN)!


A simple overcoat completes the casual look during cooler temps, during weekenders or while out and about running errands when layers are essential. Get this exact Amanda Smith creamsicle colored trench from my Poshmark store for just $45. (or similar a little pricier or here by Express)


A grey cardigan by Forever 21 worn over the black Theory pants (get similar by H&M for lower price) with pointy toed patent leather pumps with metal buckle accents (similar) made this look acceptable for the office on casual Friday or any day of the week to be honest.


I can swap out the cardigan for my black Calvin Klein faux fur ribbed sweater (similar for less) and the pumps for black leather slouch boots (get similar for less or here) and a leather fanny pack and I’m ready to meet up with friends at a happy hour or to catch an outdoor wine festival or concert.

It’s a really great a versatile way to squeeze in color into a usually gray and blah wardrobe! It’s also perfect for Spring!

You Could Never: JLo Rocks Trainers Night and Day

I’m pretty sure a lot of people couldn’t pull off trendy white platform sneakers for a date night the way Jennifer Lopez did recently while out with her new fiance Alex Rodriguez.

The mom to twins Max and Emme paired the Alexander McQueen oversized sole sneakers ($418)with acid washed distressed jeans and a cream cardigan under a luxe coat with fringe scarf.

In fact, this is the first time I’ve seen women over 40 sporting the white wedge thick soled sneakers look which has been common among Generation Z and millennial bloggers and YouTubers for awhile now.

But I am amazed that the hot bod could wear the same sneaks for running errands and working out as she wears hitting the night out with her hot rod!

Wow! Get the Look or similar:

Spring Colors: Get the Looks!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and it is just in time for you to swap out your lighter fabric and bright and colorful pieces from your closet.

Get inspired by our Bellyitch bumpwatch Alum Draya Michele who attended the The Daily Front Row Fashion LA Awards 2019 on Sunday, March 17, 2019 in Los Angeles, California in a lime/neon green David Koma flared fish tail skirt and black Louboutin pumps.

Or Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o who wore colorful Prabal Gurung frocks while promoting her latest project Jordan Peele‘s Us

While promoting at Good Morning America, the Academy Award winner star of 12 Years a Slave paired one look with a pair of Fendi shades and Shirt and skirt and red reasonably priced Nine West Mana Leather Dress Sandal pumps!

And on another occasion draped a crimson Mackage Mai belted double face wool coat with waterfall collar over another Prabal Gurung dress accessorized Hayward‘s Field Pebbled Leather Top Handle Bag and Medium Neon Orange Loucite Jelly Hoops by Alison Lou.


I’m Actually Sad Mall Fast Fashion Is Dying

The news came this week that fashion retailer H&M plans to close 160 stores this year, and I couldn’t be more upset.

It wasn’t like the news was a total surprise. We could have expected it.

After all, similar mall staples GymboreeGAPFrancesca’s and other retailers have started to shutter down in a response to tumbling sales and revenue.

Blame it on the uncontrollable growth of ecommerce and online boutiquesand trendy shops like TopShopNasty GalRevolveFashion NOVA and others that do not have retail stores and a new generation of consumers, Millenials and GenZ, that are perfectly fine shopping for clothes, shoes and make up online and without trying them on first, we are clearly in a new era for fashion.

Still, I like “Fast Fashion”.

Maybe I’m a unicorn on this because when I posted the news on one of my Facebook pages about H&M closing stores, my more stylish friends said stuff like they had long since abandoned stores like H&M and Zara because they thought these stores had navigated away from cute, chic styles and abandoned their core aesthetic and initial appeal in exchange for the fast fashion trend.

This trend is defined as “runway to stores” and noted for cheap replicas of designer clothing. The had lost their edge and appeal, my friends said.


But for me, a blogger and mompreneur with a full slate of activity each day, a brood of three kids and a husband, a StartUp I’m incubating and various other projects I’m balancing, fashion is not a priority.

And as a work-from-home solopreneur, it’s not that I have too many occasions to dress up because there is no office I have to check into daily.

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Age Inclusivity Featured BIG at 2019 Fashion Weeks

The fashion world hasn’t been known as a place of inclusivity, but 2019 might be the first year to change that.

Diversity and inclusivity are at the forefront this year as fashion runways have employed people of all ages to take part in runway shows across the globe. While most fashion shows typically showcase models under age 30, recent runways, including New York Fashion Week, have featured women from middle age through their 70s.

Hellessy featured Pat Cleveland, age 68; Elie Tahari enjoyed the prime talent of Christie Brinkley, age 65, and her daughter, Sailor; Michael Kors featured Patti Hansen, age 62.

Though most of these models were seasoned veterans, it was still refreshing to witness women of all ages own the catwalk featuring dope rings, beautiful gowns, and amazing accessories. The change was seen from American runways all the way to European fashion shows.

But it wasn’t just age diversity that was highlighted at these events; transgender icon Laverne Cox showcased plus-sized clothing at the first 11 Honoré’s runway show, where she brought the event to a close twirling in a beautiful red tulle dress. 11 Honoré is one of the first high-end online clothing retailers that offers top designer fashions to women of all sizes. So far, the site features more than 90 brands, offering sizes through size 20. Reports claim that the brand will soon expand to size 24 in the near future.

“In order for us to move the needle, we have to have more representation of all women on the runway,” noted 11 Honoré founder Patrick Herning. “Everybody in retail should be looking at different ways in which to partner. I’m super proud of the role we play: We’re breaking down the barriers.”

Adjusting the business model

The fashion industry is indeed changing for the better. Where fashion industries once tried to showcase models and looks that appealed to the dreams and aspirations of the consumer, more brands have begun to feature an aesthetic that appeals to real, everyday individuals.

This has even caused many online brands to ditch the harmful filters and photoshopping techniques that rely on exploiting the insecurities of consumers.

Instead of the “what,” more and more consumers are focusing on the “why” of their business. This includes showcasing the company’s guiding beliefs and goals. Some companies have found success in featuring components of self-discovery; they’re relying on how the product makes you feel instead of how the product can change you on the outside.

For example, a skin-care company might highlight that a product will make you feel happy and refreshed, instead of looking younger. As the dialogue surrounding products changes, the average consumer may begin to feel more accepted in a luxury fashion world.

Other companies have focused on their cause, as well. While some companies want to make you feel better, others are highlighting the good that they can do when you buy their product, either through sustainability practices or charitable giving.

As more fashion brands and beauty industries begin to focus more on the consumer, more people will feel comfortable with themselves and their bodies. Something as simple as showcasing older women on the runways throughout Europe can spark joy in millions of people who have never seen people who look like them in a fashion show.

The rules of fashion are changing and there will likely be some slips and falls along the way. Instead of relying on personal injury lawyers to clean up along the way, however, fashion will hopefully learn from its mistakes and keep trudging toward a brighter, more diverse, and more inclusive future.  

Neon Trend: 4 Ways Preganistas Can Rock It

The neon trend can be hard for anyone to pull off. Women who are expecting usually stick to solids and darker colors to divert attention away from their expanding bellies and girth and therefore fashionistas who are expecting are more likely to avoid this particular Spring trend.

However, I’m here to tell you it can be done by incorporating accessories in your wardrobe.


Go bold and expressive by layering multi colored bangles with any outfit to brighten the room and your mood. I like Berry Jewelry Neon Bangle Bracelets which come in a set of 4 and you can pick up at a heavily discounted price of just $30 at Nordstrom while supplies last.


If you work at a place that permits expressive nail color, you could get away with wearing neon yellow nail polish.


Bags can be conversation starters. From totes to clutches to colorful backpacks, you can show off your chic and trendy side of your style aesthetic through colorful bags in the season’s hottest shades!

I love the late Karl Lagerfeld’s Neon Tote which you can cop at Farfetch for about $270!


Finally, irrespective of the temperature outside, you can always find a cute scarf in the hip trending pattern, design or color to accent your outfit!

The 2019 Oscar Red Carpet Rundown

Congrats to all of the nominees and winners of last night’s 91st annual Academy Awards held last night at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Special recognition goes to our frequent featured mama Regina King who walked away with the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the James Baldwin adapted movie “If Beale Street Could Talk.”

She stunned in a white custom

Oscar De La Renta high split strapless gown with loose ringlets and parted hair accented with Chopard jewels.

As usual, I spotted several of our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alums on the Red Carpet during arrivals at the opulent affair.

Spotted were: Emily Deschanel; Jennifer Lopez in a mirrored high neck Tom Ford fitted gown; Jennifer Hudson in a ruffled burnt sienna Elie Saab gown; formal model Molly Sims also in a silver gown but with sequins and a little more intricate than JLo’s with side cut outs and a long train by Zuhair Murad; Serena Williams in black with red strapless Armani Prive gown; and Tina Fey in a totally gorgeous strapless Vera Wang gown.

Also, Charlize Theron stunning in Dior Haute Couture, Kristin Cavallari; Amy Poehler looking smart in a tailored and crisp Alberta Ferretti suit; and Maya Rudolph floral regal by Giambattista Valli

Also, Kelly Ripa in Cristian Siriano and Helen Lasichanh.

My faves were all the moms in their 40s and looking fabulous:

Photos: Getty

Academy Awards Timeline of Bumps on the Red Carpet

In 2012, Adele welcomed her first child, son Angelo, and the next year, she won an Oscar for Best Song for the and explained having to express breast milk in the bathroom to relieve her engorged breast.

The “Rolling in the Deep” singer missed out on having to be heavily pregnant on the red carpet like several of her fellow A-listers in year’s past.

Oscar has played host to several heavily pregnant

In 1992, Susan Sarandon was almost due with her son Miles

whom she welcomed (with then-beau Tim Robbins) when she was nominated for her role in Thelma & Louise at age 47. (She didn’t win but was nominated 5 times and won Best Actress in 1996 for her role in Dead Man Walking.)

In 1998, Glen Close was 8-months pregnant when nominated for Fatal Attraction.

In 2000, four-time Academy Award nominee Annette Bening was nominated for her role in American Beauty at almost 8 months pregnant with her fourth child with husband Warren Beatty, daughter Ella.

In 2003, Catherine Zeta-Jones accepted the award for Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Chicago while almost full term with daughter Cary with husband .

In 2004, Marcia Gay-Harden was nominated for her role in Mystic River, while pregnant with twins!

In 2006, Rachel Weisz was 7-months preggers with her and

then-boyfriend Darren Aronofsky when she won the Best Supporting Actress trophy for The Constant Gardner.

In 2011, Black Swan star Natalie Portman was 6 months pregnant with her and her choreographer husband Benjamin Millepied,  first son, Aleph when she accepted her Best Actress award.

In 2014, although Kerry Washington was not nominated for an Oscar, she did attend, cradling the baby bump from her first child, Isabelle.

That same year, Chris Hemsworth ’s wife, Elsa Pataky  in 2014 wore blue sequins but maybe made a fashion mistake of wearing it under and not on top of her belly.

Fashion Influencers Prove Again Maternity Fashion Is Cuter Than Ever

I was motivated by a recent quasi-viral tweet about Meghan Markle where the “tweeter”, while commenting on Markle’s amazing fashion sense, pointed out that she refuses to wear maternity clothes.

It was a compliment on the Duchess of Sussex ability to stay fashion forward “despite the fact” that she is pregnant and should be wearing maternity clothes.

As those of you who follow this blog know, for over a decade, I have showcased hot maternity designers who have been coming out with chic, stylish and very adorable and cayooot dresses, outfits, clothing for women who are expecting.

The idea that maternity clothes should be relegated to muu muus and overalls is outdated.

And even then, maternity brands and chic preganista are finding a way to even make those two items trendy!

So in response to the tweet, I told the person who sent out the message that she inspired me to do this post highlighting the way influencers and maternity brands have proven, once again that maternity fashion is very fashionable and nothing that any mom-to-be should be afraid of or avoid!

Cella Jane

Nathália Menezes

Elly Brown

Medge Beauvoir-Yellowlees

Andee Layne

Jessi Malay

Gisella Francisca

Pinterest Pin

Motherhood Closet


Hayet Rida (not maternity but can be worn as one)

A Pea In The Pod

Yvette Garcia

Pinterest Pink

Jumbled Niche

Motherhood Maternity

Jessie Malay

Shalice Nicole

Elly Brown

Elly Brown