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5 Must Have Spring Maternity Clothes

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If you will find yourself pregnant in the Spring, you can certainly look forward to looking chic in some cute warm weather outfits. After the long, harsh winter, a lot of fashionistas and preginistas a like look forward to sprucing up their wardrobe and adding color to their life.

Even in these difficult times, these days, you can always experiment with new clothes and ways to accentuate your growing bump.

Here is a list of Spring Staples that you might want to add to your Maternity Spring wardrobe:

  • Jumpsuit 

It is unconventional and different and something that you wouldn’t think to wear while pregnant given how hard it is to put on and take off, but a jumpsuit may be the fresh element to make your maternity look pop. Opt for one with side snaps or fixtures for ease of taking on and putting on during bathroom breaks. You can also repurpose a jumpsuit for the unofficial fourth trimester.

  • Accessories 

When it comes to accessorizing during pregnancy, it’s easy to get carried away by the numerous choices in stores. However, you can stick to the essential items that lift your mood. Consider also selecting a scarf in a soft and romantic or bold and geometric print. The beauty of investing in a quality scarf or shawls is that they are quite a great way to layer up and still look fashionable. Also, think about a bright belt to punctuate a solid-colored dress.  Instead of fastening it on the waist, you can do so just above the baby bump for an empire waist look.

  • Maternity leggings 

When you are shopping for maternity clothes, you mustn’t forget about maternity leggings. These pieces serve a dual purpose of putting your look together and as support for your aching legs and are a valuable addition to your wardrobe. Not only are they cozy, but they also offer a continuous fit throughout the pregnancy and into postpartum. If you get thick leggings, you can also easily wear them under layered tees or tops for a casual look.

  • Spring jacket 

While you’re pregnant, you know that you’ll get hot and cold as you experience rises and drops in your body temperature. For this reason, every maternity collection should include a nice light jacket. Get a jacket that can be dressed up or down, and worn at work, or at play, at a corporate meeting or while going for an evening walk on the weekend.  Consider one in a breathable material like cotton so you don’t get overheated and risk having to take it off and add it to your load of stuff you need to lug around.

  • Maternity tops & t-shirts 

As your bump starts to grow, you will need to swap out your smaller tops for larger sizes. You can start to invest some few maternity tops, t-shirts as well as tanks at this time. Get them in standard solid colors like pink, grey, white and black so you can easily mix and match and pair them with your maternity leggings, jeans, breathable yoga pants or shorts when you are at home or out and about running for errands. They also come in handy when you want to engage in some light bodywork exercise.

If you stick with these staples, you’ll find that they can carry you through your entire pregnancy, into the other seasons and during your post-partum days as well.

How to Wear Yellow This Spring

When I need to lift my spirit, I wear yellow especially this time of the year when the days are getting longer and the sun is out more. Yellow is an energetic color. It represents change and is definitely the color to rock this month — and in any shade, sunflower, neon, tangerine, lemon. Have it your way!

And if you’re expecting, there are ways for you to accommodate such a bold, vibrant and attention-getting color in your wardrobe in a more subtle way! Check out a post on incorporating yellow in your wardrobe when expecting here!

yellow boots

Get Blue Ivy’s NBA Courtside Look


Before the NBA (and many other major American sports leagues) could cancel the season because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Blue Ivy Carter and her dad Jay Z got to sit court side at an Los Angeles Lakers versus the Los Angeles Clippers this week.

The stylish tot showed up to the Staples Center in a custom personalized denim jacket, a grey cropped ruffle sleeve short sleeve shirt, with black leggings and a chic pair of on trend lug-sole combat boots with a sock-style upper. She wore her hair in individual braids that were curled at the very ends

Blue’s boots were from Fendi Kids, its FF logo boots, which feature a lace-up design and a rounded toe, and retails for $714 and you can get over at Farfetch.com.

[Get a less expensive look with a $49.99 H&M Jacket , a pair of Daria Girl Combat Boots by Madden Girl for $49.99,  a pair of high waisted pants by Zella Girl for $35 and a simple grey short sleeve ruffle sleeve graphic tee from like H&M for $15.]


After the game, she was shy about starstruck over seeing All-Star LeBron James and seemed hesitant to ask him something.

“If you want it, you gotta tell him,” Jay-Z can be heard telling his daughter in a videotaped encounter of the 8-year old asking for an autographed baskedtabll. “You almost got it out. Yeah, just do it.”

She eventually made her request and James responded: “You want a ball from me?… By the time you get out of school on Monday, you’ll have it.”

Blue, who was born on Jan. 7, 2012, is the first child of Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z. The couple also share twins Rumi and Sir, who are 2.


Get this Sports Girl Under Armour Look for Under $100!

My family is an Under Armour family.

My boys attend a college prep school that has a reputation for excelling in academics, music and especially sports. They swim, and compete with the cross country and outdoor track teams and wear Under Armour uniforms.

That’s why I was excited to join as an affiliate partner with the brand and today, I would like to tell you that you US and Canadian customers can get an additional 25% off any order of $100 or more using the code Fit25 at check out.

That means you can cop this entire UA outfit my daughter wor her soccer skills e tocamp this week for $100!  While the exact half zip top UA Tech long sleeve shirt isn’t available, a similar style, in a different design is for just $25.99. 

It comes in grey with an orange sleeve and logo or black with white stripe along the sleeve and logo. Add it to your cart. 

Nab a pair of cold gear black jeggings for winter weather wear, made of dual-layer fabric with material that wicks sweat and dries super fast. There is an anti-odor tech that prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. These pants have an extra wide waistband, inspired by yoga pants and sits right on her hips

Get a pair for $31.99  It comes in youth sizes 7 to 16 and you can get them in black with pitch grey light heather stripe down the side.

While she isn’t wearing UA sneakers in this photo. (her brothers own them), in order to get the 25% off discount, you need to check out $100 worth of items. Pick up a pair of UA Bandit shoes that usually cost $65 for just $48.99

Add them to your cart to get the discount! Don’t forget to enter the code FIT5 at check out for the discount to apply.


The One Piece Of Jewelry Every Woman Needs to Wear, especially New Moms

If you’re expecting or a new mom, chances are a lot of your income will be going to the cost of raising your baby.

Expectant and new moms who are used to wearing fine jewelry may have to table their urge to splurge but there are other options: silver jewelry is one!

I personally prefer silver jewelry to gold and other more expensive metals anyway.  

By way of background, sterling silver, which is an alloy of silver is used to make most of the available silver jewelry. On its own, silver is too brittle and malleable to be formed into anything.

That may be why thicker pieces like Bangles are are faves and is being worn by men even.

Here are a few other factorsto keep in mind when buying silver bangles.

Need proper care and maintenance

Silver bangles for women need proper care and maintenance.

The best form of caring for your silver bangles is by wearing them often. When you wear your bangles, oils from your skin helps protect them from reacting with air to form another layer on the silver surface.

When not on your wrist, it is important that you keep your silver bangles locked up.

Put them in an airtight container. Ensure that it is clean and well shut.

Also, ensure that your bangles do not touch other jewelry to avoid rusting.

Proper maintenance ensures that your silver bangles will last long and keep their shine for a long time.

About the health benefits

It is believed that sterling silver has numerous health benefits.

Sterling silver is an effective anti-fungal and sterilization product that has been used for this purpose for thousands of years. Research is still ongoing but it is also believed silver bangles help reduce and cure the effects of arthritis.

Can be worn with other types of bracelets

When you wear silver bangles, you do not have to wear them on their own. If you have other types of bangles, say gold, you can wear them together with the silver bangles.

A mix of bangles is stylish and ensures that your jewelry stands out when worn.

Its hypoallergenic

This means that it is safe to be worn. There are people who often have allergic reactions to different types of jewelry material. Sterling silver that makes silver jewelry is safe and will not lead to allergic reactions on the wearer.

Available in numerous designs

Due to its malleability, sterling silver is easy to mold into different shapes and designs. You can therefore find silver bangles that have unique shapes and designs on them. You can also have your bangles custom made with unique engravings on them.


Silver jewelry is highly versatile. It is accepted in numerous social situations. It can be worn to work and to numerous social events. It can be worn to the beach and to church and other social occasions.

Ensure its a right fit

When wearing your silver bangles, ensure that they are a right fit for you. Measure your hand to ensure that your bangle will fit perfectly. When measuring your hand, measure at the the tips of your fingers while your thumb touches your pinkie finger. This ensures that it will be easy to wear and it will fit perfectly.

When you wear a large bangle, it will be uncomfortable as you will always feel as if it is falling off. It will distract you and lead to you getting some undue attention. Further, like every other bangle, ensure that it is not too tight.

Great gifts to give

Silver bangles for women are also quite appropriate as gifts. A silver bangle can be offered as a gift to a significant other or to a work colleague or a friend.

Silver jewelry is durable and beautiful. It will therefore be appreciated by the one who accepts the gift. It is also easy to use the gifts of silver bangles to create a collection of jewelry.

2020 Golden Globes Red Carpet, Winners and Speeches Recap

Last night’s Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California was memorable for historic wins after long absences (Renee Zelleger for and Brad Pitt for after a 16- and 24-year lapse since each last one, respectively) and for notable as speeches (Michelle Williams about female empowerment, SNL‘s Kate McKinnon’s presentation to Ellen DeGeneres of the Carol Burnett Award role in making it easier for a lesbian TV star to shine and Joaquin Phoenix about climate change and the Australian wildfires)

Among the moms featured and “bump watched” before on the blog, Beyonce was nominated for Best Original Song for “Spirit” on The Lion King (and got roasted by a few Twitter for being the only one to not give Phoenix a standing ovation for his win); Christina Applegate for Best Actress in Dead to Me and Nicole Kidman for Big Little Lies and Reese Witherspoon for The Morning Show in the Best Actress in a Television Series-Drama category, and Jennifer Lopez for Best Supporting Actress in Motion Picture for Hustlers.

Fashion was classic and on point.

Jennifer Lopez in Valentino

Scarlett Johannson in Vera Wang

Salma Hayek in Gucci


Rachel Bilson in Brock Collection

Reese Witherspoon in wearing a custom Roland Mouret

Sienna Miller in Gucci

Sofia Vergara in Dolce & Gabbana

Molly Sims in Marchesa

Christina Applegate in Pamella Roland

Charlize Theron in Christian Dior

Kerry Washington in Altuzurra

Bloggers Who Dress Up to Work from Home Style Guide {Get the Look}


As the year 2019 start to draw to a close, I am forced to reflect on the year and my goals for the upcoming year. Part of this journey includes journaling, quiet meditation and prayer and cleaning house.

By cleaning house, literally by cleaning out of old junk and outdated and ill fitting clothes in my closet and figuratively by readjusting my priorities and recommitting myself to projects and obligations I have let fall by the wayside.

As I inspect the old and decide what to keep, I also am bringing in new ideas, habits and even new practical clothing styles and options into my wardrobe.

For example, I live in athleisure wear because I work on my blogs, my consulting practice and diverse digital stock photography start up Picnoi,from home, coffee houses and libraries. There is no need for me to dress up.

However, recently, I’ve decided to do business casual or at least outfit myself in slightly less casual gear so I can stay focused and productive. It’s a mind trick that homepreneurs practice to psyche themselves up since most do not put on a suit every morning and head out to work.

The photo above reflects my go-to look, pressed denim jeans, a comfy sweater and ballet flats or boots. In the photo, I’m sporting Salvatore Ferragamo tortoise shell sunglasses and a smile.

Check out similar styles from my partners via Shopstyle below:

Cop that Celebrity Matching PJs Thing This Year

The family pajamas thing is more than a trend. Each year, families large and small will don matching PJs and take a photo for their annual Christmas card or just for The Gram.

Celebrity families like The Currys, The Harts and more have been posting up on social in their chic coordinated sleepwear. And…you can too. Amazon, for example, sells sets that start at $13.

If you have a Macy‘s department store near you, hop in the car and head over to pic up its  Family Matching Merry Pajamas ($10-$49).

Walmart also has the red plaid family PJs starting at $10. The options and variety of styles are limitless.


Last Minute Guide to Dressing for Thanksgiving Dinner

thanksgiving outfit

If you are expecting this Thanksgiving and are toting around a sizeable bump, God knows you may  not be looking forward to standing on your feet preparing a meal and hopefully, you have been invited to someone else’s home this year and/or your family is giving you a pass on cooking so you can just kick up  your feet and relax.


Here is a guide for what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner this year:

1. Start with a shirt in breathable fabric like jersey knit or cotton.

2.Then layer a light cardigan or collared shirt over that and finally a denim, leather or cotton blazer.

How to dress your bump


3.For the bottom, go with a comfy pair of dressy leggings or denim maternity stretch jeans with a pair of red ballet flats.

4. Carry a large clutch to hold your stuff and then work it!

Stylish and comfy!


5 things NOT to wear at Thanksgiving!

Have fun and good luck enduring the endless belly rubs and all the love!!!

Useful Tips on Maternity Wear Options These Days

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

When you find out  you’re expecting, besides adjusting your diet, exercise and sleep pattern, ingesting prenatal vitamins and visiting the doc more regularly, you know you’ll have to adjust your wardrobe at some point. Fortunately for you, the industry has evolved over the years so that there are a lot more options available to you.

Nursing dresses                                                                       

A nursing dress is usually designed in such a way that it makes it easy for a mother to breastfeed her baby. When buying a maternity dress, you should ensure that it is not very tight for better comfort. The color and design of the dress should be chosen out of personal taste and preference. You can visit the internet, where you can find displayed maternity clothing online. That will give you a wide variety of nursing dress designs to choose from.

Special events maternity dresses

Perhaps you have a special event coming up soon, and you have no idea what you should wear on that day. This is very common with women that are having a baby for the first time. You can check out different online stores that deal with maternity attires for ideas. Several of them will have colorful and high-quality maternity attire that are meant for special occasions.

Maternity night dresses

You are probably used to the typical kind of nightdresses, but suddenly you realize that they no longer fit. Unfortunately, all the clothes that you have do not feel comfortable sleeping in. This should not worry you since there are specially made maternity dresses that you can sleep in. These types of night gowns are mostly made out of comfortable and light material for better sleep.

Maternity shapewear

If you have a formal event you have to attend, you might want to tighten up some parts of your body (not your belly though and here is where maternity shape wear comes into play). They cinch your legs, hips and thighs but not your belly like traditional shape wear would. Also, if you are the kind of person who is enthusiastic and excited about physical exercises, then the good news is that there are maternity athleisurewear wear and work out great that are made for that exact purpose. Just like training and athletic wear, these kinds of  pieces are made of a particular type of material that will allow you to exercise and stay in shape.


T-shirts are some of the most relaxed attires that you can wear when pregnant, and they are available in various stores selling maternity clothing online. The good thing about the online stores is that you can get to pick the type of t-shirt you want, and that will have it delivered to your address.

Good luck moms to be!