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These Celeb Parents Rocked the 2015 Latin Grammy Awards Green Carpet

grammy latin

Tonight is the  the 16th Latin GRAMMY Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on November 19, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Roselyn Sanchez co-hosted the biggest night for Latin artists.

Before the show we spotted another Bellyitch alum Zoe Saldana looking back to her super svelte self in a cute pencil skirt length black dress.

Not a mom but another regular featured parent, Ricky Martin looked extra dapper tonight.

roselyn sanchez 2

Sanchez did an illuminating color, white, the night before attending the 2015 Latin Grammy Person of the Year Honoring Roberto Carlos in Las Vegas yesterday. Nice!

Jada Pinkett-Smith, one of our posh mom style icon recipients, went with embroidered overlay white dress with the bodice shear and strategically placed over her breasts. She was alongside her husband Will Smith who was set to perform with Bomba Estero during the ceremony.


Get Your Couture Kid’s Fall & Winter style Ideas Here

The temperature is dipping in many parts of the country these days. It may be time to drag out the sweaters, boots, jackets, wool hats and coats out of storage.

Since kids grow like weeds, parents may need to restock a few items in their children’s closets. 

If you’re looking for style ideas, we invite you to peruse our BellyitchBlog Coutire Kids Fashion page on Pinterest HERE!

We also plan to do more kids’ fashion posts in the coming months featuring some items from out partners at Gymboree & other brands. Stay tuned. 


Weekend Buzz: Get Chrissy Teigen’s Fab Dinner Look (SPLURGE & STEAL)

chrissy look

The web is abuzz about first-time, mom-to-be Chrissy Teigen‘s very cute look today while attending The Hollywood Reporter‘s Beauty Dinner in Los Angeles, California at The London Hotel on Wednesday, November 11 this week. The intimate event celebrated the launch of the double cover feature with one of our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alums Reese Witherspoon and her make up artist, Molly R. Stern and another frequent featured mom Taraji P. Henson and her make up artist Ashunta Sheriff.

the h ollywood reporter beauty issue 2015

Some style networks are saying Teigen is channeling Kim Kardashian who is known for wearing sheer clothes this pregnancy.

We love the green lace  Femme d’Armes shirt over a forest green bra tucked into a pair of very smart black Farfetch by Stella McCartney pants and paired with some cute black pumps while toting a black Kotur box clutch.

We’ve curated an almost similar look which will retail for about $2,500 below: 

Here is a version in a lower price point (about $100 total) for any preginistas out there that may want to replicate the fab look:


Preginistas, Get Gwen Stefani-inspired Winter Boots

These days we are learning that our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Gwen Stefani is dating her The Voice co-star/fellow judge Blake Shelton. This is convenient give both of them just ended their respective marriages to Miranda Lambert and Gavin Rossdale.

Good luck to them as we reflect on the last time Gwen was expecting and rocking her signature l.a.m.b -to-be Gwen Stefani lives in boots and has been all pregnancy long, so far. This winter, if you are pregnant and reside in a location with cooler temps, you too can stay stylish and comfortable.

Check out these arrangements of boots we hand selected to give you some style inspiration powered by shopstyle! Now go out and stay warm yet chic!

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My Hunt for Jennifer Hudson’s Signature Piece: The Statement Necklace


I am a HUGE fan of statement jewelry. Big bold rings, chunky bracelets, exotic earrings, belly & body chains, toe rings, arm asps, the works! 

They really make an outfit or look pop and are also great conversation pieces. 

Of all of these, I adore statement necklaces the most. I’ve been trying to hunt down the one Jennifer Hudson wore in her 2012 video for “Think Like a Man”(above) but haven’t yet. 

Hudson, like my girl Bey, are known for being seen in some pretty awesome statement jewelery. Shout out to her stylist team. 

So if you know who makes this piece and where I can get it, please give me a clue!

Here are some awesome statement necklaces I peeped on out partner site PopSugar’s Shopstyle Collective while hunting down Hudson’s ! 


Designer Liz Lange Flips Maternity Don’ts On their Head with These 5 Style Tips



liz lange maternity dos and donts bellyitchblog.com

Liz Lange was doing maternity chic before maternity chic existed. The New York Fashion designer revolutionized  a market that was misunderstood.

I know it well.

When I was expecting my first child over 13 years ago, the maternity fashion industry wasn’t as robust as it is now. Pregnant women who wanted fashionable clothing had to be creative, sew their own pieces or mix non-maternity items with the limited options available then.

A friend of mine had a trunk show with these fab and super cute colorful and chic clothes that designer Liz Lange released. I was giddy and headed over and scored some awesome pieces. I wore a couple pieces to my baby showers. I still own some of them today which is a testament to their high quality and durability. Liz Lange, inventor of “Maternity chic“,  is still creating gorgeous maternity clothes, with an imprint that can be found in Target and Target.com and is available widely to many more women.

Turned away by high end stores who told her pregnant women don’t care what they look like and didn’t agree initially to stock her designs, Lange persevered and kept on keeping on and eventually scored some celebrity clients like Kelly Ripa and Cindy Crawford. She was THE celebrity stylist before it was a thing.  And not to be discouraged by naysayers, Lange sold her line in trunk shows through independent associates like the one I purchased my Liz Lange wear from back then. There was indeed a market for quality high end maternity clothes and Lange tapped into it when no one else was doing it, beginning in 1997 when she launched the line out of her home office.

Lange, who is also a mom of two, has never believed pregnant women should be constricted by archaic ideas of what moms-to-be should and shouldn’t wear while pregnant. Everyone’s got an opinion and not all are correct. Since then, Liz Lange New York grew from an appointment only showroom to a flagship store on Madison Avenue, a partnership with Nike and eventually becoming the first Maternity line to show at New York Fashion week.

“As the pioneer of ‘maternity chic”, I’ve spent almost 20 years in the maternity clothing business, forging licensing deals with Nike and Target, with a maternity line available exclusively at Target stores and Target.com,” the busy entrepreneur and mom  says. “In that time, I’ve heard countless rules and style mantras regarding what pregnant women can and can’t do when it comes to style- and I’ve broken them all! My maternity line at Target focuses wearability and confidence with clothes that are comfortable, affordable, and always chic.”

The fashion maven, who is also a cervical cancer survivor, breaks down some myths and offers 5 ways to maternity myth Style Don’ts that are really Style Do’s for us:

1. DO: Stripes- We’ve all heard the rule, “horizontal stripes make you look wider.” Not so! For a mom-to-be sporting a baby bump, horizontal stripes can accentuate your shape. Also diagonal stripes can create a dramatic effect.

liz lange maternity striped tee bellyitchblog.com

Try this striped dress from the Liz Lange for Target collection, which can be dressed up or down for endless style. The stretch material will grow with your growing belly, and the ruched sides keep it flattering through all stages of pregnancy.

2. DO: Bold Prints- Every woman needs some pieces in her wardrobe that demand attention and inspire confidence. I always make sure to feature a few patterns that pop when designing my own maternity collection.

liz lange print bellyitchblog.com



Feel free to maintain your sense of style by accentuating your bump with all of your favorite patterns and colors.

3. DO: Shop Regular Sizes- A new expecting mother might think any shopping she does for her maternity clothing has an expiration date, but there are lots of great transitional pieces that are perfect for pregnancy and will still fit flawlessly into a post-baby wardrobe.

liz lange maternity

Instead of a maternity sweater, why not try this Liz Lange for Target item. The loose structure and flowy shape will look great as Maternity or New Mom Chic!

4. DO: Heels- Of course towering 6” heels are difficult even for the most experienced (and not pregnant) heel wearers, but that doesn’t mean they need to be written off completely.

liz lange maternity dos bellyitchblog.com

Consider a shoe with a wider or kitten heel for a little bit of height that won’t put too much pressure on your back. The more delicate the heel, the more lengthened your legs will look!

5. DO: Go Sleeveless– Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you need to stay completely covered. There are lots of super flattering sleeveless looks that highlight your figure.

liz lange sleeveless

Remember- the bigger your bump, the smaller your arms look!


Good luck preginistas! Shake up the expected and knock em dead breaking the rules.

A Love Letter From a Toddler Reviewer to Butler Overboots

butler overboot review bellyitchblog.com

A love letter from a new Penguin:

Dear Butler Penguin,

I love my Overboots! Since my mom opened the box, I don’t want to take off my boots – which has gotten me in trouble since we don’t wear shoes in the house. I do everything in my Overboots – I water the plants, I go on family hikes, I jump in puddles, I put on my bike helmet and pretend that I’m an astronaut. Basically everything.

Kid Easy, Kid Fun

When we are walking out the door and my dad says, “Put on your boots.” And I do, it’s that easy.I put on my own Overboots with no help. I slip my boots on and we’re out the door. No more “Are your shoes on?” or “Why aren’t you’re shoes on?” My shoes are always on with Overboots.

Mom says “Penguins go on the outside, hon.” I put my Overboots on the wrong foot and they are still comfortable. Then I look down, My penguins are talking to each other. Oh oh. Switch boots and now the penguins are on the outside.

Penguins Go Outside

Speaking of penguins going outside, Mom and Dad let me wear my Overboots on our weekly family hike in Rock Creek Park. We took my little brother and my dog. When my boxer dog, Idana, walked through the creek I did too. It wasn’t too deep and I got to splash and jump in the water.

Overboots definitely aren’t hiking boots, but since it was a bit slippery in the park, they were perfect for walking over wet leaves.

Where did you get those? What’s are they called?

Every time I wear my Overboots to school I hear one of my friend’s moms ask my mom, “Where did you get those boots?” I usually pipe up and say “they’re Overboots!”

Mom says, “They go over shoes, so they are the perfect rain boots. And the boots come with a cold weather insole so they are great winter boots. Plus they come in a number of colors, too.” Green is my favorite color so my Overboots are in Lime Green.

Mr. Penguin, I am proud to be the newest member of the Overboot family.

Yours Truly,

butler overboot1

Teddy G.

Your Newest Penguin

Get yours! From Butler Boot Online or Our Amazon Affilliate between $21 to $99 depending on size, style and locale.

8 Fall Nail Colors and Designs

It’s time to mix up your usual nail color choice for the fall.

We’ve looked around and have curated 8 fall color and designs to inspire you as you head to the nail salon this autumn.

If you are expecting, you should be mindful of toxins in nail polish and look for an Eco -friendly version with less toxic ingredients that may impact your baby in your belly.

Below are some non-toxic nail polish we’ve curated for you via our partners at Shopstyle Collective.

Brands like Zoya, Suncoat and others have less harmful ingredients. Check out a list of others from the Sierra Club HERE!






Want to start an online biz? This FREE Training shows you how to launch your company tomorrow!







Want to start an online biz? This FREE Training shows you how to launch your company tomorrow!

Fall Look Book: 3 Maternity Inspiration Looks

fall maternity
It’s fall! That means boots, outerwear, jackets, scarves and hats as the temperature starts to drop in many parts of the country. We channeled some of the fab looks from one of our favorite fashion vloggers, The Chic Natural, and curated maternity versions for busy moms-to-be who are in search of style inspiration for the new season.




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